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Queen of the Garden of Hope
希望の園の女王 Kibō no Sono no Joō
FwPCMH movie1-Queen of Garden of Hope-infobox
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie
Hair ColorLavender
Home PlaceGarden of Hope
RelativesPrince of the Garden of Hope (son)
First AppearanceFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie
Theme ColorLight Turquoise
Japanese Voice ActorKudou Shizuka

The Queen of the Garden of Hope (希望の園の女王 Kibō no Sono no Joō?) is the ruler of the Garden of Hope that floats high up in the sky. She is the mother to Prince of the Garden of Hope, and is the owner of the Diamond Line.


She is stated to be a being whose appearance shines eternally like a diamond. When the Diamond Line is attacked, she shows how dependent she is on the Pretty Cure to save her kingdom.


She has wavy lavender colored hair that has two thin strands of hair hanging down on either side of her face. The rest of her hair is split into three sections and is held up by a large gold crown with lilac colored jewels on the front. She wears deep blue colored opal earrings. Her dress is floor length and light turquoise with a off the shoulder cape in the same color that is held together by a pink four petal flower brooch. Her gloves are white and reach right above her elbows. Her skirt splits at the waist with a light pink frill trim and underneath is a wavy light turquoise skirt.


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