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Queen chairect

The Queen Chairect

The Queen Chairect (クイーンチェアレクト Kuīn Chearekuto?) is an item used for storing Heartiels when they are found. It represents the Queen's Heart and is operated by Seekun, one of the Heartiels.

Whenever a Heartiel is needed, Seekun must turn the knob to the desired symbol and it will be released. When all twelve Heartiels are gathered and joined with Kujou Hikari, the life of the Queen, the Queen will be resurrected.


The Queen Chairect is a white and yellow object resembling a throne. The top of the lid has a heart-sahped mirror with designs on each side of it. On the top center is a pale yellow heart on a grey section to match the smaller pale pink heart on the bottom of it. The interface section, where the knob is located is a round object with several color and symbol stones in it.


Hikari finds the Queen Chairect as a glittering object.FwPCMH11


  • The Heartiel are shown to get dizzy on occasion from being spun around in the device.


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