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Private Torigoe Academy

The Private Torigoe Academy

The Private Torigoe Academy (鳥越学園 Torigoe gakuen?) is Aono Miki's school. In episode 3, some students of Public Yotsuba Junior High School had this conversation while walking past Miki: "Isn't that the uniform from Torigoe Academy?" "Ehh. You mean she's an artist?" meaning that this school may be a school for the arts. It is different from the other schools.


As seen it has the color blue; the top has light blue color and the skirt has the same color as the bow but a bit darker. It includes black leggings. The shoes look almost as sneakers and has a blue-grey color. The only person which has been seen to wear this uniform in Fresh Pretty Cure! is Aono Miki.

Notable Students



Futari wa
(Max Heart)
Verone Academy
Splash Star Yuunagi Middle School
Yes! 5
L'École des Cinq Lumières
Fresh! Public Yotsuba Junior High SchoolPrivate Torigoe AcademyChristian Private White Clover Academy
Heartcatch! Myoudou Academy
Suite♪ Private Aria AcademyMunicipal Kanon Elementary School
Smile! Nanairogaoka Middle School
Doki Doki! Oogai First Middle SchoolNanatsubashi Academy
Happiness Charge! Pikarigaoka Middle School
Go! Princess Noble Academy
Mahou Tsukai! Magic SchoolTsunagi First Middle School

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