Princess Windy Wink (プリンセスウィンディウィンク Purinsesu Uindi Uinku?) is Cure Princess' main attack with the use of the Innocent Form. It debuted in episode 34.


Cure Princess's pen lights up with a blue color and presses the blue and yellow buttons on the Shining Make Dresser. She then draws a circle and sends it into the Dresser's mirror, causing the blue circle symbol and the Happiness Charge insignia to appear in the glass. Cure Princess then uses her pen, now glowing with green, to apply the light as eyeshadow onto her eyelids, and winks. She then uses the pen to create a tornado, sending it towards the enemy.



Cure Princess: プリンセスウィンディウィンク!


Cure Princess: Purinsesu Uindi Uinku!

Literal Translation

Cure Princess: Princess Windy Wink!


  • This is the only Innocent Form attack that Cure Princess uses by herself. 



⊚Princess Windy Wink⊚00:24

⊚Princess Windy Wink⊚

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