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Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Friends of the Future (プリキュアオールスターズ New Stage みらいのともだち Purikyua Ōru Sutāzu New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi?) is the 4th of the Pretty Cure All Stars crossover movie series featuring all current Pretty Cure charactersand also the 12th Pretty Cure movie produced by Toei Animation. It was released in theaters in Japan on March 17, 2012. The Smile Pretty Cure! characters make their movie debut as well.

In this story, the Pretty Cures assemble once again to fight Fusion, who has returned to take revenge on the world.[1] Like Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!, this movie does not appear to mark any celebrations or anniversaries.



23 Cures act again!

In Yokohama, Fusion reappears once again to threaten the city with great darkness and destruction. However, the Pretty Cures (Max Heart‎ through (Suite Pretty Cure♪) assemble once again and defeat Fusion, and thus, his body parts have been scattered all over the city. The next day, a girl named Sakagami Ayumi, who admires the Pretty Cures and witnesses their battle against Fusion, is having problems of making friends at her new school, and feels lonely herself. Meanwhile, the mascots (Tarte, Chiffon, Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, Hummy, Fairy Tones, & Candy) has been celebrating Fusion's defeat, when they see a spawn of Fusion eating away their food. They try to chase it away until Chiffon traps it in a bottle. After school, Ayumi saves one of Fusion's spawn from being trapped under a leaf, and it becomes attached to her. She named it "Fu-chan", because it keeps sighing "Fu".

The Smile Pretty Cure! team is at Yokohama, searching for Fusion after being alerted by Candy. They begin to split up to look for it. Ayumi realizes that Fu-chan could mimic many objects, and Miyuki accidentally bumps into her. She tries to apologize to Ayumi, however, she mistakes her as a stranger. The Suite Pretty Cure team was nearby and Ayumi bumps into Hibiki.

Ayumi being chased by Miyuki and Hibiki

Both, Hibiki and Miyuki run after Ayumi until Hibiki run ahead and blocks their path. Miyuki couldn't stop herself and knocks into Hibiki. They immediately apologizes to Ayumi for bumping to her and Ayumi quickly leaves. The two girls then realize that they're lost.


Miyuki discovers the Suite team's identities

They go to a park to rest and Candy and Hummy greeted each other. Before they realize what's going on, several spawns of Fusion appears and they give chase. Kanade, Ellen and Ako also joined in and they quickly transformed in an alley. Miyuki is surprised by them, and she too transformed into Cure Happy. They chase the spawn down to a harbor front and starts battling it. Miyuki defeats one with Happy Shower, while the Suite Pretty Cure♪ Team used their special attacks on the rest of the spawns. Ayumi and the others arrived, but Suite Pretty Cure♪ left before Miyuki could introduce them.


Ayumi and Fu-Chan playing game together.

Ayumi took Fu-Chan to her room and told her to eat so that it can become bigger. At the same time, Tart was preparing some Miracle lights for the upcoming battle and the next day, Fu-Chan actually grew bigger (After devouring the neighbour's dog last night). Ayumi took Fu-Chan around and they even play videos game together. Her mother came in and Fu-Chan change into an armband. Ayumi's mother told her not to play video games which she get upset and left the house. Miyuki mets her again, however Fu-Chan mistakens her as an enemy and attack her. The Smile Pretty Cure! team has realized what is going on and transformed. They used their special attacks but each time, Fu-Chan grew stronger and faster after absorbing their attacks.


Ayumi cries for Fu-chan's mistake.

The Suite Pretty Cure♪‎ team has also arrived at the scene; however, Ayumi intervenes and Fu-Chan reverted to it's original form. She quickly grabs it and runs away. Ayumi returns home and her mother scolds her again. This time, Fu-Chan devours her mother, which shocks Ayumi. Fu-chan mistakens that Ayumi hated everything in the city and began to summon all the spawns to attack the city. Ayumi tries to find Fu-Chan and met with the Smile! and Suite♪ Pretty Cure teams. Ayumi blams herself for causing all these troubles. However, Cure Happy tells her that they will bring Ayumi to convince Fu-Chan to stop it.


Yes! Cures and Milky Rose appears.

The girls started running towards the tower where Fu-Chan and battle several spawns. Along the way, a spawn tried to attack Ayumi when Potpourri protects her. The Heartcatch Pretty Cure! and the Fresh Pretty Cure! teams have also arrived and began battling with them too. The spawns then tries to throw a large ship liner into the city and both Smile Pretty Cure! and Suite Pretty Cure♪ team hold it off. Tart gave everyone a Miracle Light and shine in the city. The Max Heart, Splash Star and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! Teams also soon arrive and come to their aide as well.


Echo, Happy and Melody

As they kept running, a spawn tried to grab Cure Happy and Ayumi pushes her away and get trapped instead. Ayumi struggled inside, but her will is strong, and she is granted Pretty Cure powers and transforms into Cure Echo. Everyone is surprised by the appreance of Cure Echo and they move forward. A big gust of dark wind confuses them and only Cure Echo is heading straight. But she got lost, however, so the mascots shine the Miracle Lights, and it leads a path for Cure Echo to find Fu-Chan. She arrives at the top and manages to convince Fu-Chan to stop. The attacks stopped immediately and Cure Echo transformed back to normal. However, Fusion is reborn and tries to devour Ayumi. Cure Happy shields her away and the rest soon follow suit.


All 28 Cures are walking together.

The Smile Pretty Cure! team struggle against Fusion until Fu-chan sacrifices itself and timely bestows the Smile Pretty Cure! team an energy boost. The girls overturn the battle and Fusion is finally destroyed this time. Ayumi hears Fu-Chan telling her not to grieve for it, and it will always be by her side. Everything is restored including Ayumi's mother and the neighbour's dog. Afterwards, Ayumi grows more confident and starts making friends, especially with her fellow Pretty Cures.


Featured Pretty Cures

  • Hanasaki Tsubomi / Cure Blossom
    • A shy and pensive 2nd year student, Tsubomi's family runs a flower shop. Her ambition is to become a botanist and change all the world's deserts into flower fields.
  • Kurumi Erika / Cure Marine
    • Erika goes to the same school as Tsubomi, and refuses to leave the bashful Tsubomi alone. Her ambition is to become a designer-cum-stylist and make everyone look fashionable.
  • Myoudouin Itsuki / Cure Sunshine
    • The Student Council President of Myoudou Academy, Itsuki dresses up as a male due to her responsibility as successor to the Myoudouin Budou Dojo. After meeting with Tsubomi, she has learned to be able to speak up for herself.
  • Tsukikage Yuri / Cure Moonlight
    • The Pretty Cure Tsubomi and Erika saw in their dreams, Yuri had lost the ability to transform into Pretty Cure due to her loss to Dark Cure. However, with the power of the Heart Tree, she now has to power to transform once again.
  • Hojo Hibiki / Cure Melody
    • Hibiki may be bad at her studies, but she is No.1 in sports. She has a bright and refreshing personality, and has a strong sense of justice. Although both her parents are musicians, she believes that she has no talent in music.
  • Minamino Kanade / Cure Rhythm
    • Kanade may be bad at sports, but she is the top of her level at studies in school. Her status in school is that of an idol, with a great smile. Her ambition is to become a patissiere and take over the family cupcake shop. She loves cat paws.
  • Kurokawa Ellen / Cure Beat
    • Siren used to be the songstress of Major Land, and Hummy's close friend. However, her heart was controlled by evil and she fought against the Pretty Cure, but due to her wish to protect Hummy, she is reborn as Cure Beat.
  • Shirabe Ako / Cure Muse
    • The Princess of Major Land, Ako dressed up as the Masked Cure to save her father Mephisto, whose heart was tainted by evil. After regaining her father's kind heart, she has taken off her mask and joined Melody and the others in their fight.
  • Hoshizora Miyuki / Cure Happy
    • Miyuki is a forward-looking, bright and cheerful girl. Scatterbrained and an airhead at times, she has the power to bring light everywhere she goes. In short, she loves being happy!
  • Hino Akane / Cure Sunny
    • Akane is a bright and energetic girl from Osaka. The type to act before she thinks, she is always full of jokes and loves making others laugh. She is a jokester who aims to add punchlines to the end of every sentence.
  • Kise Yayoi / Cure Peace
    • Yayoi is an honest and cute little sister type. Although she is a crybaby and is afraid of strangers, she is actually strong at heart, and willing to try her best.
  • Midorikawa Nao / Cure March
    • Nao is an active girl who is good at sports, and she hates it when others are not being straightforward. Tall and intense, she is popular at school, but she also has a girly side to her.
  • Aoki Reika / Cure Beauty
    • Reika is a level-headed, gentle big sister type, and a member of the Student Council. She is part of the Archery team and also enjoys poems, making her a very traditional and "old Japan" kind of girl. She is the most rational of the 5 Smile! Cures.

Guest Pretty Cures

  • Yukishiro Honoka / Cure White
    • A 3rd year student at Verone Academy, Honoka is the President of the Science Club as well as a member of the Class Commitee. After meeting with Mipple, a fairy from the Garden of Light, she gained the power to transform into Cure White.
  • Kujou Hikari / Shiny Luminous
    • A 1st year student at Verone Academy, Hikari looks like a very docile girl, but she is actually very strong at heart. After meeting with Pollun, she gained the power to transform into Shiny Luminous.
  • Mishou Mai / Cure Egret / Cure Windy
    • A 2nd year transfer student at Yuunagi Middle School, Mai is a member of the Art Club. She is able to transform into Cure Egret with the power of Bird Spirit Choppy, or Cure Windy with the power of Wind Spirit Foop.
  • Natsuki Rin / Cure Rouge
    • A 2nd year student at L'École des Cinq Lumières, Rin is exceptional in sports, and is the ace of the school Football team. She is Nozomi's close childhood friend.
  • Kasugano Urara / Cure Lemonade
    • A 1st year student at L'École des Cinq Lumières, Urara easily handles both her school and work schedules. Her ambition is to become an influential actress on the big screen.
  • Akimoto Komachi / Cure Mint
    • A 3rd year student at L'École des Cinq Lumières, Komachi is the school librarian. As she loves books, her ambition is to become a novelist.
  • Minazuki Karen / Cure Aqua
    • A 3rd year student at L'École des Cinq Lumières, Karen is the President of the School Council and much admired by all the other students. She is currently studying hard to become a doctor.
  • Milk / Mimino Kurumi / Milky Rose
    • A transfer student at L'École des Cinq Lumières, Kurumi can transform into Milky Rose just by shouting "Sky Rose, Translate"! Her true form is Milk, an attendant to Coco and Natts.

Active Mascots

  • Chiffon
    • Chiffon is a baby girl from the Kingdom of Sweets.
  • Tarte
    • Tarte is the Prince of the Kingdom of Sweets, and Chiffon's caretaker.
  • Chypre
    • Chypre is a fairy of the Heart Tree, and is Cure Blossom's partner.
  • Coffret
    • Coffret is a fairy of the Heart Tree, and is Cure Marine's partner.
  • Potpourri
    • Potpourri is a fairy born from the Heart Tree, and is Cure Sunshine's partner.
  • Hummy
    • Hummy is the fairy from Major Land, in charge with singing the Melody of Happiness.
  • Fairy Tones
    • Fairy Tones are jewel-like mascots that provide aid to the Suite♪ Cures.

Guest Mascots

  • Mipple
    • Mipple is an aristocrat from the Garden of Light, and she represents hope.
  • Pollun
    • Pollun is the Prince of Light, the future ruler of the Garden of Light.
  • Lulun
    • Lulun is the Princess of Light, and the weaver of the future of the Garden of Light.
  • Choppy
    • Choppy is the Bird Spirit from the Land of Fountains.

Movie Exclusive Characters

  • Sakagami Ayumi / Cure Echo
    • Ayumi is a transfer student who really loves Pretty Cure. Due to her shy personality, she does not have the courage to talk to her classmates, and is thus often alone. In the movie, she meets Fuu-chan, and they become friends.
  • Fusion / Fuu-chan
    • Fuu-chan is a piece of Fusion that had survived the battle from the previous movie. After meeting Ayumi and becoming her friend, he wished to help her by resetting the world, and becomes his full self again. Yokohama's Minato Mirai is once again thrown into darkness.

Supporting Characters


  • This is currently the only All Stars film where a full team makes their debut.
    • DX had the absence of Cure Passion
    • DX 2 had the absence of Cure Sunshine and Cure Moonlight.
    • DX 3 had the absence of Cure Beat and Cure Muse.
    • New Stage 2 had the absence of Cure Ace.
    • New Stage 3 had the absence of Cure Fortune.
    • Haru no Carnival had the absence of Cure Scarlet.
    • Minna de Utau♪ Kiseki no Mahou! had the absence of Cure Felice.


Please refer to the main page Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Merchandise for more information.


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