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Civilian Form PreCards

PreCards (プリカード PuriKādo?) are the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! season's main collectible items. They are used to transform and once every card is gathered, a wish is granted upon the owner.

List of PreCards

Main article: List of PreCards


The PreCards are inserted into the PreChanMirror and Fortune Piano to transform into their correspondent Cure or alternate forms.

When all of the PreCards are gathered, any wish can be granted to the user who has them in their possession. Initially Megumi wanted to get them all to wish for her mother's health to improve, but in episode 22, she and Hime use them on Iona to wish for her powers back after Phantom destroyed them.


The PreCards are clear cards with a hot pink striped border and bar coding. In the corner of most cards is a picture showing the category of the piece, as well as the character its from or for. The name rests at the bottom of the card. Each item of clothing has a specific border surrounding it as well.

The character cards aren't clear, and instead depict the character using it with a heart background to match her theme color, along with her name on the side.




PreCards in the anime

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