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Nozomi's Pinky Catch

Pinky Catch (ピンキーキャッチュ Pinkī Kyacchu?) is a watch-like item that doubles up as a transformation device and a storage for capturing Pinkies from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Each of the girls receives theirs from the magical butterflies and in one episode Natts gives them each a box to keep it in when they are not wearing them.

The device can also transfer captured pinkies into the Dream Collet.


The Pinky Catch resembles a square-screen watch with its theme color depending on the Cures theme color; Pink for Nozomi/Cure Dream, red for Rin/Cure Rouge, yellow for Urara/Cure Lemonade, green for Komachi/Cure Mint and blue for Karen/Cure Aqua. The outer piece is pale colored, while the frame is brighter. The upper left corner and lower right has dark metal with accents of white and hot pink, with the lower design shaped like a butterfly. A light-colored waistband circles the wrist.


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