Past Princess Pretty Cure
先代プリンセスプリキュア Sendai Purinsesu Purikyua
SeasonGo! Princess Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPink (Past Flora)
Blue (Past Mermaid)
Orange (Past Twinkle)
Hair ColorLight pink with blonde streaks (Past Flora)
Turquoise with blue streaks (Past Mermaid)
Blonde with orange streaks (Past Twinkle)
Home PlaceHope Kingdom
First AppearanceGPPC06 (flash back)
GPPC29 (official debut)
Theme ColorPink (Past Flora)
Blue (Past Mermaid)
Yellow (Past Twinkle)
Japanese Voice ActorFujita Saki (Past Flora)
Yukino Satsuki (Past Mermaid)
Shimizu Kaori (Past Twinkle)
The Past Princess Pretty Cure (先代プリンセスプリキュア Sendai Purinsesu Purikyua?) were the legendary Princess Pretty Cure of the Hope Kingdom. Their powers have since been passed down to three of the current Princess Pretty Cure.


Chieri/Past Cure Flora

In her civilian form, Chieri has long light pink hair and a short flower headband. She also wears a pink and white dress with puffy sleeves and dark pink ribbons decorating parts of it.

As Cure Flora, Chieri has waist length light pink hair that has part of it tied up in a big bun that has blonde streaks lining, and is kept up like that by her tiara which has a pink flower brooch in the middle. She wears magenta earrings and a flower like choker that has a magenta bow tying it together at the back. Her dress is pink with light pink accents, a dark pink ribbon with a gold brooch in the middle on her waist that connects to her skirt that reaches the floor, consists of light pink and pink layers, and has big pale pink bows with pink flower brooches in the middle tying the pink layer into three sections. On her chest is a dark pink bow with a pink flower brooch in the middle. She has white gloves with a pink flower on her wrists and white ankle length boots with a dark pink bow and flower brooch on them.

Yura/ Past Cure Mermaid

In her civilian form, Yura has light blue hair in a twist-like braid running down the right side of her head with a blue headband that ties in the left. Her dress is light blue on the top with a darker blue skirt and an even darker blue ribbon around her waist and the bottom of her skirt.

As Cure Mermaid, her hair lengthens and is now turquoise with blue streaks and styled in a high ponytail. Her tiara is gold with a dark blue and red seashell with light blue cloth flowing from it. Her top is white and blue with a turquoise collar. Pink pearls and a gold brooch decorate the front. Her skirt is turquoise with dark blue accents and a light blue ruffle at the bottom and is floor-length and form fitting. She also wears long white fingerless gloves with pearls at the end with a light blue wrap around her arms and light blue pearl-like earrings. She also wears white knee-length boots with pink pearls on them.

Sei/ Past Cure Twinkle

In her civilian form, Sei has golden blonde shoulder-length hair held up in two orange barrettes with cream-colored cloth decorating them. Her flowing top is also cream-colored and has an orange color with a star necklace. The bottom part of her dress is dark brown, orange and purple with purple tights tucked into thigh-length cream-colored boots.

As Cure Twinkle, her hairstyle is similar to that of Cure Dream's and becomes blonde with orange streaks in the front. Her tiara is gold with a star in the center of it. She also wears a yellow choker and star-shaped earrings. Her dress is sleeveless and has light yellow and yellowish-green layers that cascade toward the left. The top is colored the same and has an orange ribbon with a gold brooch in the front as well as an orange belt with a star in the center. Her armbands are long and cream-colored and she also wears cream-colored wrist-length gloves with orange bands around them. Her boots are white and are thigh-length.


Prior to the beginning of the series, the three of them defended Hope Kingdom against evil thanks to the power of the twelve Dress Up Keys.

In episode 29, Chieri, Yura and Sei appeared in a dream-like world resembling Hope Kingdom in the past that Haruka, Minami and Kirara entered when they were looking for their Dress Up Keys. The group talked over tea and Haruka and the others told them about how they were about to give up on their dreams because of what they had lost. Suddenly, a Zetsuborg attacked them and an illusion of Dyspear appeared as well. As they all try to run from the attack, Haruka and the other Cures remembered that it was their duty to protect everybody's dreams and regained their resolve. Once they did, the three past Cures granted them temporary Dress Up Keys allowing them to transform once again and defeat the Zetsuborg. Soon after, the three of them revealed that they were the original Princess Pretty Cure and warned them about an impending powerful darkness. Because of the despair the girls felt, they ended up feeling that same despair, which affected them. Now with their resolve restored, the past Cures departed, granting them the Premium Sakura, Sango and Ginga Dress Up Keys.




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