PH14 A golden beam is fired from the G-clef

Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony

Passionato Harmony (パッショナートハーモニー Passhonāto Hāmonī?) is Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm's first group purification attack in Suite Pretty Cure♪. Later in season, they can use it with Cure Beat and Cure Muse.


Both Cures clap their hands and then take two steps back and forth. Then, they both join hands, spin together before declaring the attack name and raise their joined hands in the air, collecting purification energy. Then a golden G-Clef appears which spins and fires an energy blast into the Negatone, hitting it directly. A G-Clef mark appears on the back of the Negatone, and as the purification music calms it, the Negatone is purified back into a scattered note.



All: プリキュアパッショナートハーモニー!


All: Purikyua Passhonāto Hāmonī!

Literal Translation

All: Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony!

Passionato Harmony Crescendo

Passionate Harmony Crescendo

Passionato Harmony Crescendo

This attack was used by Crescendo Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm in the movie Suite Pretty Cure♪ : Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody!. They both join hands and call out, "Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony!" A golden treble-clef appears with Melody's half of the clef bigger than Rhythm's. Cure Melody squeezes Cure Rhythm's hand causing Rhythm's side to be equal with Cure Melody's.They then call out "Crescendo!" as the treble clef spins and delivers a energy blast to the enemy.



♪PreCure Passionato Harmony♪

♪PreCure Passionato Harmony♪

Passionato Harmony Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm

Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony (with Cure Beat and Cure Muse)

Pretty Cure Passionato Harmony (with Cure Beat and Cure Muse)