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Oshimaida (オシマイダー Oshimaidā?) are the main monsters of HUGtto! Pretty Cure. They are usually summoned by the employees of the Criasu Corporation when someone is overflowing with negative energy, thus spreading their energy to everyone else, creating an Oshimaida.

When an Oshimaida is defeated, it says the phrase Yamesasete moraimasu (ヤメサセテモライマス?), which is a formal way of requesting termination of one's employment ("Please accept my resignation" would be an English equivalent).

The Oshimaidas are voiced by Yoshida Uuronta (吉田ウーロン太 Yoshida Ūronta?).


Oshimaidas all look different. Sometimes their appearance and abilities are determined by the object they possessed, sometimes by the victim whose Prickly Powerer is used as source. Regardless of appearance they all wear company ID badges around their necks.

List of Oshimaidas

Episode Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


HuPC01 Oshimaidā
Clock Unknown Charaleet Heart For You! Senrai Fumito was annoyed at Uchifuji-sensei


Oshimaida ep 2
Crane Can extend its arms to get out of reach Charaleet Heart For You! Two truck drivers were arguing


Oshimaida 03
Balloon Can inflate itself to grow larger and tougher Charaleet Heart For You! An office worker was angry about Hugtan's crying


HuPC04-Oshimaida throwing another ball
P.E. teacher Can pull balls and a bat out of nowhere Charaleet Heart For You! Umehashi-sensei was depressed about not being able to convince Homare to come back


HuPC05-Yell blocks the Oshimaida
Figure skater Can skate and fly Charaleet Heart For You! Homare felt that she had no future as a figure skater anymore


HuPC06-The Oshimaida appears
Pot of flowers Carnivorous plant Papple Heart For You! Florist Sakita Mari was feeling down about an upset customer


HuPC07 Oshimaida
Computer Can extend its arms and uses Ruru's analysis data to evade attacks Ruru Heart For You! Ichijou Ranze was angry that she may have lost the audition to Saaya


HuPC08 Oshimaida
Railroad Crossing Signal Can shoot lasers from its traffic lights Papple Heart For You! A bunch of people irritated about being stuck in traffic


HuPC09 Oshimaida
Cucumber Unknown Papple Heart For You! A group of monkeys fighting over the Melody Tambourine


HuPC10 Oshimaida
Takoyaki Can shoot takoyaki and spew fire Papple Hugtan's powers The worker at the takoyaki booth frustrated over trying to find a way to let Hana know she actually attracted customers


HuPC11 Charaleet's final form
Charaleet Unknown President Kurai Trinity Concert It was a final chance to prove himself to the Criasu Corporation.


HuPC12 Oshimaida
Vending Machine Can shoot soda cans from the compartments on its arms Papple Trinity Concert From various sources who have had small amounts of Pricky Powerer.


HuPC13 Oshimaida
Building Can transform into a UFO to travel at faster speeds Ruru Trinity Concert A female student, but it is not known what caused her to be targeted.


HuPC14 Oshimaida
Trolley Uses the wheel as a fan and can launch the wheel at super fast speeds Ruru Trinity Concert Two workers at the daycare and Yoshimi Rita, the latter angry that the crying babies made her forget an idea for a design.


HuPC15 Oshimaida
Musical instruments With its microphone it can produce the noise through its ear-like speakers. Papple Trinity Concert A man, but it is not known what caused him to be targeted.


HuPC16 Oshimaida
School uniform Can spin fast and extend its twintails to strike at long distances Papple Trinity Concert Tokura Junna and Momoi Aki arguing over whether or not Homare is a good influence


Oshimaida can be translated as "it's the end".


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