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オレスキー Oresukī
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorMaroon
Hair ColorLight violet
Home PlacePhantom Empire
First AppearanceHCPC01 (cameo)
HCPC08 (major apperance)
Theme ColorBrown
Japanese Voice ActorKoyasu Takehito
Oresky (オレスキー Oresukī?) is one of the generals of the Phantom Empire. He is the most brutal generals and acts as a leader of the trio along with Namakeruda and Hosshiwa. He is the third general to attack the Cures.


Invasion Of Earth

He, along with the other generals, Deep Mirror and Queen Mirage, were released from Axia and began their invasion of Blue Sky Kingdom. He did not appear until episode 8, where he is introduced as having a high opinion of himself, much to the annoyance of the others.

First Attack

In episode 8, he appears during a festival in Pikarigaoka, capturing four of Megumi's friends and creating two Saiarks, one of which he kept hidden when the Cures first went to fight it. When Masuko Miyo arrived to get footage of the Cures fighting for her Pretty Cure Weekly TV show, he hams up the camera. As the Cures are about to purify the first Saiark, the second one appears and catches them off-guard, much to the delight of Oresky. However, Cure Fortune arrives, easily defeating and purifying both. He retreats soon after.

Almost Becoming Good

He and the rest of the trio confronted the Cures and was almost purified by Starlight Ascension but Deep Mirror intervened..


Oresky is a tall man with a gamboge-colored military uniform with a hat that has two red eyes on the front that resemble the glasses on a Saiark.  He also wears black gloves and boots.  On his uniform is a gold medal that he removes from his uniform when he summons a Saiark. He also has light violet hair and maroon eyes. He also wears a black tank top under his coat. In episode 24, because he is training on the beach, he does not wear his coat and gloves and wears his medal on the tank top.


He is strict and has brutal force when he try to do his work. He also appears to have a high opinion of himself, even to the point of hamming Miyo's camera to get fans. He think he was better than Namakeruda and Hosshiwa and also serves as a leader of the trio.


Like the other commanders, he can trap people into the mirror and create Saiarks. When he summons a Saiark, he needs to remove his medal first. It is shown that he has super strength and is actually strong enough to defeat the Cures.


  • He is based on the the character, Ranball Rall, from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • His theme color is brown while his Saiarks have yellow scarves.
  • His Saiarks create barren wastelands but sometime it will creates a dark cloud.
  • His names has two meaning. 'Ore' (Me) and 'Suki' (Like).
  • He has the same voice actor with Scorp.
  • "Oresky" is also a popular surname in the United States and Canada.
  • His medal has a word 'O re' means 'me'.
  • He shares the same personality with Kintoleski and Wolfrun because both have high opinions of themselves (Kintoleski) and serves as a group's leader (Wolfrun).
  • He shares his birthday with Aino Megumi.
  • He is the first villain to share the same birthday with a Cure.


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