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The front of the school.

Oogai First Middle School (大貝第一中学 Ōgai Daiichi Chūgaku?) is the school which, many characters in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure, attend.


Inside the school, there is a student council office, a library, a nursery room, bakery place where people buy to eat food. In the front of the school, it is shown that there is a garden. DDPC12


Female Uniforms

Winter Uniform 


Winter Uniform (left), Summer Uniform (right)

The winter uniform is made with one piece dress. The dress has purple designs, and has white as its main theme. In its necktie, it has a purple color, and has a yellow ribbon in the middle. Its sleeves have a purple color, along with the socks, and the shoes are black.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform resembles the same as the winter one, however it has short sleeves, and has a grey-ish color, and has white designs, along with white socks, and black shoes. 

Male Uniforms

Winter Uniform

The winter uniform is made from two pieces suits with light gray as its main coloration. The tops has turtleneck collars and dark blue sleeves with white borders. On the tops, there are half circle-shaped pockets on each sides. The shirt's buttons and the pockets are bordered dark blue. The bottoms are plain long pants.

Summer Uniform

The summer uniform is made from two pieces suits. However, the shirt is now short-sleeved with blue linings, the collar is unbuttoned, and the color becomes white. There is only a single pocket, located on the left of the chest area. The bottoms are still plain long pants, but it's colored blueish gray now.

Notable Students

Student Council


Notable Staff


  • The school's name originated from the card game"Page One" .
  • Oogai First Middle School is the second school of which student council president changes later in the series, after Nanairogaoka Middle School.




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