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Ogasawara Mao
小笠原まお Ogasawara Mao
Toei - Ogasawara Mao
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorChocolate brown
Hair ColorChocolate brown
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC04

Ogasawara Mao (小笠原まお Ogasawara Mao?) is a minor character who has an important role in the fourth episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. Without knowing it, she influences Hanasaki Tsubomi and Kurumi Erika with her friendship with her tennis partner Kumazawa Ayumi. Her Heart Flower is the blue star, which symbolizes trust.



Mao has caramel-colored eyes and hair, pulled up into a short messy bun with her bangs pulled back. She wears a pale green short with white denim short-pants, a white wrist band, and yellow shoes.


Although not much of Mao's personality has been shown, Mao is trustworthy and puts the same faith and trust in others. However, if she feels untrustworthy or as though someone may be keeping her from someone, she can become very sad and her Heart Flower will wither. She is very loyal to Ayumi, even after their dispute - which was based on her worries that she may have been holding Ayumi back.



Kumazawa Ayumi: Mao is very close to Ayumi, and most likely considers her a best friend. They have been together for a long time playing tennis, and Mao cannot think about having another partner. But this leads to a short breakup when they fear they may be holding the other one down or back.


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