ニコ Niko
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorViolet
Hair ColorLavender
First AppearanceSmile Pretty Cure!: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!
Theme ColorLavender (main)
Black (sub)
Japanese Voice ActorHayashibara Megumi

Nico (ニコ Nico?) is a character who appears in Smile Pretty Cure!: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!. She lives within the fairytales in the picture book.



Nico is a young girl with large, thick lilac pigtails shaped as wings with a pale pink gradient. Her forelocks curl inward at her chin, and her bangs are cut short with a single, large cowlick. She has matching light purple eyes.

Her normal attire consists of a black puffy dress with a white wing ornament sewn at the chest attached to a lilac cravat and white material lining the bottom of her dress. Along with purple tights and black ballerina-style shoes with ribbons tied on her legs. A dark purple bow is attached to each ribbon.


At first Nico was angry at Miyuki, feeling betrayed by her after years of being left alone. She willingly befriended the Demon King in order to seek revenge, but she eventually learns that she feels no better from this and Miyuki helps her feel loved again. Allowing her to return to her once happy, always-smiling personality. 


Nico lives in a fairytale picture book that Miyuki picked up from a cart of picture books when she was in preschool or kindergarten. Being curious, Miyuki picked it up and begins to read it. Nico's words in the book allowed her to understand "The key to becoming friends is to smile", and allowed Miyuki to find some friends. Miyuki promised to finish the book, which the last few pages were tore off. She drew a lot of pictures, but Miyuki lacks drawing skills. Eventually, she refused to finish the last pages of the picture book, and lost memory of it.

The Cures are going to watch a movie, which is empty. In the movie, Nico was running from two giants who were chasing her. She hid, but after a while she accidentally stepped on a branch and was found. She ran, and jumped out of the screen and fell on top of Miyuki. But the two giants came out too, and captured Nico. The Cures transformed, and fought with the giants. Luckily, they saved Nico. To thank them for saving her, Nico took them to the World of the Picture Books.

Nico told the Cures that they could experience the roles of the protagonists of picture books, and of course they agreed. They were sent off to their stories. After they all went, Nico remarked darkly that Miyuki has forgotten the promise. A huge shadow of a bird with an evil red eye appeared, and Nico said that Miyuki is a liar.

While the Cures were having fun as their character, Nico was standing on a rooftop. She said: "Smiles..... If they can disappear that would be great." The huge shadow appeared behind Nico again, and the whole sky darkened. After that, Nico performs her magic to scramble the main characters of their stories.

Then, five shadows engulfed the main characters of the picture book stories and transformed themselves into sinister, demon-winged minions. Seeing the Cures being chased by the evil protagonists, Nico cunningly grinned.

The Cures battled the evil protagonists with the antagonists of the picture books who helped them, and Nico appeared. She asked if they had fun, and pretending as if she didn't know what was happening for a moment. Then, she admitted that it was her who made the stories messed up.

Miyuki becomes terrified by Nico, as she insulted her that it was Miyuki's fault, because she didn't do the thing she promised: finish drawing the picture book. She was always waiting for her to finish drawing it, but she never did. Miyuki tried to explain, but Nico said that she hates Miyuki. Miyuki was shocked and heartbroken. Nico continued, hating the always-smiling Miyuki, so that's why she messed up Miyuki's favorite picture books, and let her become crestfallen. She declared in revenge: "Smiles can disappear already!"

The shadow appeared again, and engulfed Nico. The evil protagonists, who were captured, became more evil and attacked the Cures. Luckily, the antagonists blocked the attack, and let the Cures go after Nico.

Ability and Powers

Normally, she's just a normal little girl. However, the Demon King has abducted her and given her power. She can open the door to fairytale world. She also can send Pretty Cures to their desired story. When Nico's angry with Miyuki and other Cures, she changes all figures in the story to become evil. When she is in her normal form, she can't use special power, but, she has power to make all people happy.





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