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Myoudouin Gentarou
明堂院 厳太郎 Myōdōin Gentarō
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorGrey
Home PlaceKibougahana
RelativesMyoudouin Itsuki (granddaughter)
Myoudouin Satsuki (grandson)
Myoudouin Tsubaki (daughter)
First AppearanceHPC15
Japanese Voice ActorHiroshi Naka

Myoudouin Gentarou (明堂院 厳太郎 Myōdōin Gentarō?) is Itsuki's grandfather. He's also the principal of Myoudou Academy and the leader of the Family's and town's local dojo.


He is strict, cold, patient and wise. He teaches his students and his granddaughter Martial Arts and gives wisdom to them about finding him or herself.  He lets people do what they want coldly. He would get happy to hear people saying honestly in their hearts about martial arts.

Relationships with family

Itsuki - Itsuki respects him as the elder of the family and sensei of the family dojo. He is strict as her grandfather, but loves her as a grandfather too. He cares about what she wants to do in her heart (example: Fashion, feminine things, cute) and what she loves. He shows to be happy to hear Itsuki honestly telling him and their family about what she loves.



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