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The Junior School.

Myoudou Academy (私立明堂学園 Shiritsu Myōdō Gakuen?) is a private school that appears in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. The school has two campuses, a junior high school and a high school. Tsubomi transfers here after moving into Kibougahana.


Myoudou Academy is a mixed school. The junior high school uniform is significantly brighter than the high school one.

Junior High School


The junior high school uniform.

For girls it consists of a cream dress with a white sailor collar and red lining. Where the collar meets a red bow is in front. On the the dress there are four pink buttons.The bottom of the dress has pleats. The socks are navy and knee length and brown shoes to compliment. For boys it is a grey jacket on top with a breast pocket. There are grey trousers with a pleat up the middle and brown shoes. For summer the girls wear a cream waistcoat with a short sleeved white shirt. The white shirt is adorned with a red bow. The summer girls uniform has a short skirt with shorter socks and brown shoes. The boys summer uniform is not shown.

High School


The high school uniform.

The high school uniform is quite dull. For girls the uniform is a grey blazer. There is a white shirt with a red ribbon. There is a pleated taupe mini skirt with grey knee length socks. The shoes are grayish black. For boys the uniform consists of a silver jacket and trousers. There are brown shoes.

Extra Curricular Clubs

The most prominently shown club of the show is the fashion club. Other clubs include a drama club, a gardening club, football club and a separate girls football club, photography club, light music club, manga club and many more. There is also a student council that Itsuki used to be president of. Once a year there is a school festivalHPC35 in which all clubs help in.

Notable Students

Notable Staff


Myou (明) means bright Dou (堂) means magnificent and 院 means building all together meaning bright magnificent school.


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