My Sweet Heart (マイスイートハート Mai Suīto Hāto?)(or Let Your Heart Light Shine in Glitter Force Doki Doki) is Cure Heart's first purification attack, which first appeared in episode 2 to purify the crab Jikochuu. She needs Sharuru in her Lovely Commune form and the attack Cure Lovead to do it.


Jikochuu purified (My Sweet Heart)

Jikochuu purified

Cure Heart inserts the attack Cure Lovead into the slot before drawing a heart on the Lovely Commune. The smaller heart in the middle blinks twice, and her heart brooch shines. Cure Heart shouts out the incantation, as she places both hands on her heart brooch and releases her hands from it. Then the pink light comes out in the form of a giant heart before blasting out, purifying the Jikochuu.

She performs a more powerful version of the attack in her Parthenon Mode to defeat Proto-Jikochuu.



Cure Heart: あなたに届け!マイスイートハート!


Cure HeartAnata ni Todoke! Mai Suīto Hāto!


Cure Heart: Reach Out to You! My Sweet Heart!

Glitter Force Doki Doki

Glitter Heart: Feel the goodness within you! Let your heart light shine!


  • This attack is Cure Heart's main purification attack.
  • This purification attack is very similar to Cure Happy's Happy Shower and Cure Peach's Love Sunshine - a heart is to be drawn or formed before the attack is performed.
  • This is the first blast attack which has the blast coming out from the chest bow.
  • This attack is also the name of the final episode in this series.



❤My Sweet Heart❤

❤My Sweet Heart❤