Momozono Ayumi
桃園 あゆみ Momozono Ayumi
Momozono Ayumi
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorRusset
Home PlaceClover Town
RelativesMomozono Keitarou (husband),
Momozono Genkichi (father; deceased),
Momozono Love (daughter), Higashi Setsuna (adoptive daughter)
First AppearanceFPC01
Japanese Voice ActorHikami Kyouko

Momozono Ayumi (桃園 あゆみ Momozono Ayumi?) is Love's mother, wife of Keitarou, and adoptive mother of Setsuna. She works as a clerk of a supermarket and lives in Clover street with her family.


First appearance

Ayumi appears as Love comes home to eat, Ayumi then surprises her with a ticket to go see Trinity. Love then appreciates it, and goes to the concert.FPC01

Mother - daughter fight

Ayumi was working in a supermarket as she then saw Love with her friends, Love then said she was going to do a special dinner for her as hamburgers, Ayumi seeing that she again wanted hamburgers then said to Love it would be better if she could add carrots. Meanwhile, Soular wanted to fill the meter, and did the plan to make a Nakewameke out of chalk board eraser, which could erase things. He then started to erase hamburgers, which made Love's hamburgers disappear, Ayumi came back and saw Love as the the hamburgers disappeared. Ayumi then thought that Love had eaten them, and said to her that she wanted her to change, Love then became disappointed because of it, and left as she said to her that she hated her. Ayumi then became sad.FPC06

Forgiving Love

Love still worried about Ayumi and wanted to say sorry, to her. Love then came running to her home to meet her, however Soular then was going to erase love, and family. Love than opened the door, then she saw Ayumi disappears, Love then became depressed however with the help of her friends she managed to overcome it. The girls found out about Soular and went to fight him, the girls then transformed and easly defeated the Nakewameke. Love then hurried back to her home and saw Ayumi and became happy again.FPC06


Ayumi is a kind and loving mother. She loves her daughter Love, and tries to be a good mom to Setsuna when she enters the family, appreciating what Setsuna helps or does for her. Like Love, she's picky, especially when it comes to spinach and when she wants to eat desserts like cake, she pouts when she's told she won't get any, the same way that Love does.


  • Her voice actress Hikami Kyoko voiced Hanasaki Momoko, also known as Wedding Peach, the protagonist of Wedding Peach. (Hikami had originally auditioned for the role of Cure Peach as well.) Coincidentally, Yukana, the voice actress of Yukishiro Honoka, voiced the second main character Tanima Yuri, also known as Angel Lily, and Imai Yuka, the voice actress of the Queen of the Sweets Kingdom (Tarte's mother) voiced the fourth main character Scarlett O'Hara, also known as Angel Salvia.
  • She hates spinach.
  • She shares her first name with Kumazawa AyumiSakagami AyumiAida Ayumi and a mascot from Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪.
    • She is the first mother to have the name Ayumi, followed by Aida Ayumi.


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