The Mix Communes (ミックスコミューン Mikkusu Komyūn?) are the form that Flappy and Choppy take when in the Land of Greenery in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Much like Mepple and Mipple of Futari wa Pretty Cure, they come with special diamond cards that provide them with food, health and sleep. They are also used by Hyuuga Saki and Mishou Mai to transform into Pretty Cure by chanting "Dual Spiritual Power!" together.

Like their predecessors, the girls have to be together to make the transformation work.

The Mix Communes resemble cellphones, as they're stated to be "The most common object of the current era in this world". Which means they wouldn't look out of place in this form as many other people have cellphones. They are white with golden colored designs and 3 different hearts on the front and a segment dedicated to the girls' color.

Diamond Cards

The equivalent of the Card Communes that allow transformation and care of Flappy and Choppy. Diamond Cards (プリキュアダイヤ Purikyua Daiya?) cards are light pink diamond shaped cards with rainbow bar codes along the top. They must be inserted from the top part and then spun in circles.

Unlike the previous series, where they would form bubbles with the mascots inside, they appear in a puff of smoke and are normally half the size of an opened Mix Commune. Also when held back to back, items can be transferred or given to the other commune, as a present.

List of Diamond Cards

  1. FILIA (フィーリア)
  2. BLOOM (ブルーム): With Filia, this card is used by Saki during the transformation.
  3. EGRET (イーグレット): With Filia, this card is used by Mai during the transformation.
  4. NIGINIGI (ニギニギ): NigiNigi takes care of feeding Choppy and Flappy by making delicious foods for them to eat. Resembles an Onigiri/rice ball.
  5. HIRAHIRA (ヒラヒラ): A pale cream colored diamond card that resembles ResuResu with big ivy green eyes, a pink cap and blue dress and ear-like pieces. She resembles a dress.
  6. BISHIBISHI (ビシビシ)
  7. KYUKYU (キュウキュウ): A healing Diamond Card that was used with NigiNigi to form a giant syringe. Resembles a medical box with a pale pink face and extra parts.
  8. AMAAMA (アマアマ): Another food based diamond card. Most likely a dessert one, it is shaped like whip cream and was first shown when used with NigiNigi to make a cookie.
  9. YAOYAO (ヤオヤオ)
  10. NIKUNIKU (ニクニク)
  11. KIRAKIRA (キラキラ)
  12. PIKAPIKA (ピカピカ): First special card inside the Charm Pencase episode 19.
  13. KYUNKYUN (キュンキュン): Second special card inside the Charm Pencase episode 19.
  14. MORIMORI (モリモリ)
  15. NURINURI (ヌリヌリ)
  16. SHUWASHUWA (シュワシュワ)
  17. SHOYUSHOYU (ショユショユ)
  18. KOSYOKOSYO (コショコショ)
  19. RAFRAF (ラフラフ)
  20. LESLES (レスレス): A small, cute mouse like creature that puts Flappy and Choppy to ease, or sleep. She has pink ear-like parts, dress and hat and a bow. Her name comes from the word rest.
  21. SARASARA (サラサラ)