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Inside Charafe

The Miracle Drops inside the Charafe

The Miracle Drops (きせきのしずく Kiseki no shizuku?) are little colorful spheres that are possessed by the spirits of the fountains in Futari Wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. The Miracle Drops have the power to restore a fountain as soon as seven of them were collected. The Miracle Drops are stored inside the Fairy Charafe and are gained after the Cures purified an Uzaina.

Characteristics and Powers

The Miracle Drops are little spheres which are colored in the colors of the rainbow, such as red, orange, yellow, green and blue. Each spirit of a fountain holds a Miracle Drop, which the Cures obtain from defeating a possessed object. With the power of seven gathered Miracle Drops, the two can restore the original form or one of the fountains.

Before Saki and Mai obtained the Fairy Carafe their fairies, Flappy and Choppy had some of the Miracle Drops stored in their ears. However, as soon as they receipt the Charafe, they were able to return the drops. While the other Drops were obtained after defeating an Uzaina, the Miracle Drops of the Fountain of Sky were guarded by Kaoru and Michiru.