Miracle Dragon Glaive close up

Miracle Dragon Glaive

Miracle Dragon Glaive (ミラクルドラゴングレイブ Mirakuru Doragon Gureibu?), also known as Spear of Light (光の槍 Hikari no Yari?), is a powerful weapon, and was the second out of the Three Sacred Treasures to appear. The weapon used to be wielded by Cure Magician ten thousand years ago, then later by Princess Marie Ange, however after the Selfish King attacked her kingdom, Princess Marie Ange used it during her battles with the Jikochuu. After Cure Sword and Ange were forced to leave the Trump Kingdom, they left behind the Glaive.



Miracle Dragon Glaive Resting Spot

The Glaive resting in its spot

The Glaive was once wielded by one of the ancient Cures, Cure Magician. Later it was given to Princess Marie Ange. As the Selfish King and his army attacks the Trump Kingdom, Marie Ange used the Miracle Dragon Glaive and battle a horde of Jikochuus. She and Cure Sword were forced to flee to the human world leaving behind the Miracle Dragon Glaive under the Trump Kingdom where its resting.


Later after the Trump Kingdom was taken over, the Selfish Trio tried to take the glaive. Ira attempts to take it but ends up getting shocked as those with a evil heart cannot touch the Glaive. Bel makes a scheme to pretend to be Joe and trick the Cures to releasing the Glaive from its pedestal and leads them under the passage under the Trump Kingdom. The Cures try to remove the Glaive however is unable to as Regina appears to stop them. As Regina is weakened by the Pretty Cure's Lovely Straight Flush, the Glaive responded to Regina's feelings for her father, allowing Regina to take hold of the Glaive. Because of whom Regina loves at the current time, the spear of the Glaive darkened to purple. The Cures are forced to flee due to the sheer power of the blast from Regina, leaving the Glaive in her hands, but by episode 47, Regina rejoins the Cures as the Glaive was covered with light that reflected her love for Cure Heart.


It shines when it is used for fighting. It can also fire beams of energy. It is also based off of Regina's emotions which are reflected by the Glaive's spear's physical appearance. Its spear changes color depending on whom Regina was devoted to at this time, where it was dark when she was devoted to the Selfish King, and light when she defended the Pretty Cure.