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Minor Land (マイナーランド Mainārando?) is the place where the evil king Noise, his minions, and his kingdom reside from Suite Pretty Cure♪. Its main background/appearence is dark and gloomy and supposed to be the alternative form of the Major Land, where vibrant colours and joyful music are the main background.

Mephisto created this land of despair, but before Mephisto created it, he was a good king of Major Land, its good twin, and went to get the Healing Chest. However, Noise attacked Mephisto and brainwashed him to be evil. After that, Mephisto hypnotized and gathered Siren and the Minor Trio to create a new city, Minor Land. Mephisto and Siren then snapped out of control and turned back into normal and Noise was the mastermind that ruled Minor Land.

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