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Minamino Souta
南野 奏太 Minamino Souta
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceKanon Town
RelativesMinamino Kanade (sister)
Minamino Sousuke (father)
Minamino Misora (mother)
First AppearanceSPC06
Japanese Voice ActorKobayashi Yumiko

Minamino Souta (南野 奏太 Minamino Souta?) is Kanade's younger brother. He's often seen with his friend, Shirabe Ako. He seems to like soccer and he is still in elementary school. He also seems to annoy Kanade at times but actually cares about his sister.


Souta has brown hair and eyes, similar to his older sister Kanade. He first appears in SPC06 with Ako, a classmate, when she insults Hibiki and Kanade, which he laughs at. Souta seems to have a bit of a crush on Ako, since he is not fazed by her seriousness, and once invited her to play soccer. Souta is also Sun Man in SPC41. Souta is masked with a yellow sun and he pretends to be like the Cures.



  • Shirabe Ako - They are best friends in elementary school. He shows affection for her, and "can't leave her alone". During Halloween, Hibiki, Kanade and Ellen tease him by showing him Ako as a princess and he is caught by surprise. This, however, embarrassed Ako in turn.
  • Minamino Kanade - His older sister. The two often fight and tease each other. They do care for one another, as siblings do. In episode 6, Souta made a cupcake for Kanade in tradition of White Day with Hibiki's help. However this lead to a misunderstanding, causing him to say he hated her by accident. Later that same episode, after a Negatone appeared, Rhythm comforted him, saying that his older sister is only showing that she cares, no matter how much she scolds him.
  • Hojo Hibiki - They get along well. Souta gave Hibiki a cupcake as thanks for helping him out with Kanade's White Day gift. Souta sees Hibiki as an older sister, calling her "Hibiki-neesan."


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