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Milky Note

The Milky Note (ミルキー ノート Mirukī Nōto?) is a device created by Natts for Milk to use. Natts summons this mini laptop-like device to produce the Milky Mirror, which is an item to allow Milky Rose to use Metal Blizzard. The blue and pink sliding buttons must collide together in order for the Milky Mirror to appear.


Milky Note resembles a miniature laptop with a white lid and a pale blue lower portion. The lower half has a few buttons and designs, along with a little, light blue touch pad. On the right is a sliding blue rose button, and the left has a pink.

The top screen is mostly lilac with a lower white designed area with a single purple butterfly in the center. Four roses line the screen, two pale pink, and two pale blue. Across the top is a gem design coming in the Pretty Cures theme colors: Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.


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