aka Amelyn

  • I live in the Equator
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is wannabe voice actress
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  • "honestly who keeps removing my edits I'm just stating the facts"

    If you read Fairy's comment as she un-did your edit, you would figure out who was un-doing it before her. But just to let you you don't ignore what she said, you may be stating the facts but it still isn't needed. No one needs to know if she is the second mascot to be a Cure. No one. If they have seen the other seasons, they would know already. We prefer adding trivia that isn't stupid, obvious or just plain old trolly. Instead, we want trivia that might not be that obvious to those who might have watched all seasons (so it might have gone right over their heads).

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  • Please no merch on character pages unless those characters are merch transformation items with some personality to them. Orbing's body pillow shouldn't be on his page

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    • So sry i didn't know there were regulations to uploadimg images. Go ahead and remove said image from this site if you want. Thnx for pointing out my sin.

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    • A FANDOM user
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