Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

aka zen-oh, blind idiot god

  • I live in kolkata west bengal india in the omni god emperor plalace
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is king of all 12 omniverses, the daemon sultan
  • I am male
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  • whatever i am contributing to this wiki is getting deleted i made a thread but this was deleted but there was another same blogpost i like cures but such welcome with no greeting made me mad i am leaving this place

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    • You made five edits so far, which largely revolved around sexualizing Cures. I was unsure how old you are, but I neither want adults to participate in a topic about 13 year olds being hot nor actual 13 year olds coming to this wiki witnessing adults making such comments. Instead of making topics like that, please help with main articles. Some things are going to get deleted, I've had plenty of mine deleted or undone before. See ya.

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    • A FANDOM user
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