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マーキーズ Mākīzu
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorDeep Plum
Hair ColorLight Pink (scales)
Home PlaceGarden of Hope
First AppearanceFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie
Theme ColorLight Pink
Japanese Voice ActorKawata Taeko

Marquis (マーキーズ Mākīzu?) is one of the movie exclusive characters from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: The Movie. He is also one of the Courageous Warriors of the Garden of Hope.


Known to be the youngest of the Courageous Warriors of the Garden of Hope, Marquis is majorly cheerful and playful, but respects his duties to protect the Queen of the Garden of Hope and the area's Diamond Line. Like all of the Courageous Warriors, Marquis battles with his elastic arms. As we look deep into Marquis' personality, he seems to be frightened by the heroes' defeats, and acts like a crybaby, until a rescue brightens gradually for him.

During the Cures' visit to the Garden of Hope, Marquis quickly seems to make a relationship with Pollun, as they are able to share their parts of their personalities.


Marquis' appearance is a frog with a very light pink hue as his scales. He has purple, beady eyes and a pink cape that contains a pink garnet jewel with a cut that is the identical name as his.



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