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Major Land (メイジャーランド Meijā Rando?) is the home place of Hummy and Siren. The annual concert of the Melody of Happiness, is hosted here, by the queen of this land, Aphrodite, in order to keep the world in peace. Its main background/appearance has Vibrant Colours and Joyful Music in the orchestra and around. It is the alternative form of the Minor Land, where sadness and sorrows are the main background.


Mephisto also used to be the king of Major Land until he was turned evil but returns as the king of Major Land in Suite Pretty Cure The Movie: Take it back! The Miraculous Melody that Connects Hearts!. Shirabe Ako is the Princess of Major land and the Daughter of Aphrodite and Mephisto.

In episode 46, the place gets frozen by Noise which took all the Melody of Happiness but later it gets back to its normal form when the Notes are restored.




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