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This is a category listing the episodes for Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Deai wa Mirakuru de Majikaru! Mahō no Purikyua Tanjō!
"A Miraculous and Magical Encounter! The Magical Pretty Cures are Born!"
Batty 2016-02-07
Late one night, Mirai is gazing at the sky when she sees a shooting star. The shooting star turns out to be a magic user flying on a magic broomstick who seems to be looking for something. Due to being interested in this girl named Riko, Mirai tags along with her until a bat like man, Batty, appears! Will the two girls be able to escape Batty or will something they wear save them from his dark magic?
02 Wakuwaku no Mahō Gakkō e! Kōchō Sensei wa Doko!?
"To the Exciting Magic School! Where's the Principal!?"
Batty 2016-02-14
Riko takes Mirai and Mofurun to the Magic School to look for the Principal to tell him about Batty and them becoming Pretty Cure. However, Kyoto, the head teacher, tells Riko to stay inside for disobeying the rules, so Mirai decides to go look for the principal instead. She stumbles across a magic tree in which a man appears beside her, telling her the origin behind the "Wand Tree". Just as Mirai gains her very own Magic Wand, Batty appears before Mirai and the man with his Yokubaru. Mirai can't transform without Riko! Will Mirai and Riko be able to meet up to defeat the Yokubaru?
03 Mahō Shōtengai de Shoppingu! Mezameru Rubī no Chikara!
"Shopping at the Magical Shopping Street! The Power of Ruby is Awakened!"
Sparda 2016-02-21
As Mirai has now gotten permission from her grandmother to attend the Magic School, she must now recieve her uniform and broom. However, as they wait for Riko and her new broom to be fixed and made, her Linkle Stone Dia is taken by a new enemy known as Sparda. Unable to transform without Mirai as her Linkle Stone Dia is in Sparda's hands, Riko runs with Mirai to a fountain where they notice that they are trapped. Just as all hope seems to be lost, Riko has a flashback and she shouts out her feelings, in which a red light shoots out of the fountain. Could it be that Mirai and Riko have gained a new way to transform and fight?
04 Mahō no Jugyō Sutāto! Fushigina Chōcho wo Sagase!
"Magic Lessons Start! Search for the Mysterious Butterfly!"
Gamettsu 2016-02-28
Mirai and Riko start their first magic lesson with three other girls, in which they are given the task by Isaac-sensei to find a butterfly that is made from paper. While searching for it, Mirai goes to look up where to find a butterfly normally but gets lost in the mysterious room that resembles a library. Will Riko be able to find her and complete the task?
05 Kōri no Shima de Surechigai!? Mahō ga Tsunagu Yūjō!
"Passing the Ice Island!? Friendship Connecting the Magic!"
Batty 2016-03-06
For their next lesson, Mirai, Riko and their classmates have to warm up a kettle near some snowy mountains. Everybody but Riko warmed themselves up and completed the task, while Riko had a tough time. After the lesson was completed, Riko becomes jealous of Mirai picking up on magic so quickly and the two have their first argument, all the while getting lost in the mountains. Can they make up and find their way back?
06 Tokkun! Mahō no Tsue! Sensei wa Riko no Onēchan!?
"Special Training! Magic Wands! The Teacher is Riko's Older Sister!?"
Sparda 2016-03-13
Riko's older sister, Liz, substitutes for Isaac-sensei for the class' third lesson, which is to use their Magic Wands to create shapes out of water and to hold it for 10 seconds in order to pass. Riko wants to impress her sister, so she tries to match Liz's more advanced skill but she cannot seem to do it right. When Liz suggests that she should take a break, Riko runs away in disgust. How can she pass this lesson?
07 Ningyo no Sato no Mahō! Yomigaeru Safaia no Omoi!
"The Magic of the Mermaid's Village! Sapphire's Thoughts are Restored!"
Gamettsu 2016-03-20
Today's lesson takes place under the sea in the Mermaid Village. There, the five girls must use their voices to open up their clam. As the class takes a break, Mirai and Riko meet three young mermaids who take them to the legendary clam that when it opens, it allows the mermaids to go above the sea. But then, Gamettsu appears and the two girls go to face him but without Mofurun! How will they transform now!?
08 Mahō no Hōki de GO! Pegasasu Oyako wo Sukue!
"Here we GO on Our Magic Brooms! Save the Pegasus' Family!"
Sparda 2016-03-27
The group's next lesson is to take a picture of them with a Pegasus to pass. When they see the Pegasuses, Mirai hops on her broom to take a picture straight away, but Riko points out Mirai doesn't know how to fly on it yet, causing Riko to go after her. Together, they found a Pegasus Riko goes to the Pegasus, Ha-chan falls and Mirai tries to save her. As she still doesn't know how to fly yet and Riko looses her grip on Mirai, they fall into a giant hole which has a forest within it. Within the forest, is a lone baby Pegasus that doesn't look well. The two girls help it and meet its mother where they gain the Linkle Stone Pink Tourmaline from within a flower when Sparda appears. Will the two girls be able to protect the two Pegasuses from Sparda?
09 Sayonara Mahō Kai!? Mirai to Riko no Saigo Tesuto!
"Goodbye Magic World!? Mirai and Riko's Final Test!"
Batty 2016-04-03
It is now time for the group's final lesson, which requires them to try and make the flower on Liz's hat bloom before she could make theirs bloom, but it proves to be difficult for all of them. As for Mirai and Riko, they are also weighed down by the fact that Mirai has to return to No Magic World after the lesson is over and that Riko has to complete it in order to pass the class, but Mirai tries not to let it show. Meanwhile, Dokurokushe's minions are planning their next attack against the Pretty Cures. Will Mirai and Riko be able to pass their last lesson, and can they take their eventual separation?
10 Tadaima! Nashi Mahō Kai! tte Riko wa Doko?
"I'm Back! No Magic World! Wait, where's Riko?"
Sparda 2016-04-10
Mirai and Riko finally arrive back to the No Magic World and discover the Linkle Stone Topaz near the train station. However, a crow swoops in and picks it up before they can do anything, so Riko chases after the bird to retrieve it. As Mirai tries to keep up with where Riko is, the young witch becomes weak because of hunger and is found by Mirai's mother, Kyouko. The crow ends up losing the stone, but a cat picks it up before any of the Cures could find it. In addition to that, Dokurokushe's minions have also been sent to No Magic World to find the remaining stones. Will Mirai and Riko reunite and find the Linkle Stone Topaz in time?
11 Mofurun no Hatsutōkō? Wakuwaku no Topāzu wo Getto ~mofu!
"Mofurun's First School Visit? Getting the Exciting Topaz ~mofu!"
Gamettsu 2016-04-17
It's Riko's, now using the surname Izayoi, first day at Mirai's school, though she is told they cannot let anyone know that they can use magic. As they run to school, they soon get tired, so they use their brooms the rest of the way, only to be spotted by one of the students. Mofurun and Ha-chan secretly tag along as well, and as the two mascots play around, Mofurun spots the Linkle Stone Topaz on the ground, but Gamettsu attacks before he could get it and creates another Yokubaru. Can the Cures get out of their class in time to save the school?
12 Manten no Hoshizora to Mirai no Omoide
"The Wide Starry Sky and Mirai's Memories"
Sparda 2016-04-24
Riko has been trying her best to get high marks at Mirai's school, and at one point starts to teach herself how to play volleyball. After a rough time at school, Mirai's father tells her a story over dinner about how Mirai got lost in the mountains and looking at the starry sky helped her not to be so afraid anymore. That night, Mirai and Riko go stargazing themselves, only to be interrupted by Sparda, who summons a Cloud Yokubaru that proves to be tough to defeat. Will Miracle and Magical defeat this foe?
13 Tanoshī BBQ! Shiawase Takusan Mi~tsuketa!
"A Fun BBQ! Finding A~Lot of Happiness!"
Batty 2016-05-01
Mirai and Riko are going to a barbeque with Mirai's father and some of her classmates, and Liz makes a surprise visit with a letter from Kouchou. As they enjoy the food, the two try to look for the next Linkle Stone, only to be chased by a swarm of provoked bees. With that, Riko starts to learn that she does not have to use magic for everything. Just then, Batty appears and brings forth another Yokubaru in an attempt to defeat them. Will the Cures be able to defeat it and find the next Linkle Stone?
14 Min'na Hanamaru! Tesuto Daisakusen!
"Everyone's Flower Circle! The Great Test Operation!"
Gamettsu 2016-05-08
Mirai fails a math test and has to retake it to get a higher grade. Riko tries to help her out, but they learn that there could be another Linkle Stone nearby and they search the whole school. As she continues to work on pulling her grades up, Mirai notices how hard Riko is working on her studies and starts to put more effort into hers. Riko even offers encouragement to Mirai by doing some sky writing. Meanwhile, Gamettsu prepares to attack the Cures again. Will Mirai be able to pass her test redo and protect the school again from the Yokubaru?
15 Hachamecha Daikonran! Hā-chan Shichihenge!
"Messed Havoc! Ha-chan's Various Changes!"
Sparda 2016-05-15
It is a new day and Ha-chan is hungry for some breakfast, but Mirai and Mofurun oversleep and Riko is focused on studying. She uses the Linkle Smartbook and ends up creating lots of food. After she eats, she suddenly changes into a snowman. Throughout the day, she changes into six other different forms, and the Cures, along with their classmates, become very confused by this. They chase Ha-chan around town as she starts to cause a bit of trouble for everyone. Then, Sparda senses the power of the Linkle Stones and later ends up trapping Ha-chan. Will the Cures be able to save her and find out why she's been changing into all these forms?
16 Hisashiburi! Hoshū Meito ga Yattekita!
"Long Time No See! A Visit From the Supplementary Mates!"
Sparda 2016-05-22
Mirai and Riko receive a strange visit from their Magic World classmates June, Kay and Emily, along with Francois. They are soon joined by Mirai's classmates Mayumi and Kana, all the while Mirai tried to hide the fact that they could all use magic. The group decide to head to the shopping mall to have a little fun. Meanwhile, the Dark Magicians learn of the Linkle Smartbook and are now planning on stealing it in hopes of capturing Ha-chan. As the day continues, Sparda attacks the Cures, transforming into a powerful Yokubaru and posing a dire threat to the city. Will the Cures protect the Smartbook and defeat Sparda once and for all?
17 Suishō-san Oshiete! Obāchan no Omoide no Hito
"Crystal-san, Please Tell Us! The Person in Grandma's Memories"
Gamettsu 2016-05-29
As the Cures were helping clean Mirai's house, they come across a photo album with a teenaged Kanako in it. She tells them of a young man whom she met and fell in love with one day. Mirai and Riko wanted to know who she was referring to, so they consult the Magic Crystal to learn the identity of this man. They go looking around town to find him, but Kanoko doesn't recognize him among the men there. Will they be able to find out who this man who took Kanoko's heart a long time ago is?
18 Mahō Kai Futatabi! Rinkuru Sutōn wo Torikaese!
"Returning to the Magic World! Take Back the Linkle Stone!"
Gamettsu 2016-06-05
The Cures receive an invitation from Gamettsu, challenging them to a battle for the Linkle Stone Garnet he took. Mirai and Riko, along with Mofurun and Ha-chan, travel to the Magic World to face him, but they face a long journey ahead, but they arrive at the island he's on thanks to the help of the mermaids and pegasi they met before. Once they do, Gamettsu powers himself up to face the Cures, who use their strength-oriented Ruby Style forms against him, and defeats them easily. Can the Cures find the strength to beat him and retrieve the stolen Linkle Stone?
19 Tanken & Bōken! Mahō no Tobira no Nazo!
"Exploration & Adventure! The Magic Door of Mysteries!"
Batty 2016-06-12
Mirai and Riko want to learn more about Ha-chan because of what had happened during the previous battle, so they go looking for Kouchou. As the two wonder about his whereabouts, they learn about a mysterious door found hidden within the tree, so they decide to go and investigate. When they do get to it after a few pratfalls, they discover the door doesn't want to open and instead falls over. To make matters worse, Batty appears, combining the powers of his fallen fellow generals to make himself even more powerful. Will Mirai and Riko be able to defeat Batty and get through that door?
20 Dotabata de Yabasugi! Mahō Kai ni Umareta Emerarudo!
"Super Terrible Fall! The Emerald that is Born Within the Magic World!"
Dokurokushe 2016-06-19

Now that the door has been unlocked, Mirai and Riko discover its power to response to whoever goes through it's thoughts, and after a couple of detours, they go and look for Kouchou. Meanwhile, Kouchou himself is at Dokurokushe's lair, preparing to face him. Once Mirai and Riko arrive, they learn that Dokurokushe was once a man named Kushe who used to work as a teacher at the Magic School until he became tempted by dark magic to obtain the Linkle Stone Emerald. Kouchou battles against Dokurokushe, but he loses in the process and becomes an old man. Then Dokurokushe finds and takes the Linkle Smartbook, with Ha-chan still slumbering inside of it, away from the Cures, and they transform and try to fight him. How will they be able to save the Linkle Smartbook, and Ha-chan, from Dokurokushe's grasp?

21 STOP! Yami no Mahō! Purikyua VS Dokurokushī!
"STOP! Dark Magic! Pretty Cure VS Dokurokushe!"
Dokurokushe 2016-06-26
Dokurokushe has absorbed the energy from the two worlds as his dark magic continues to spread. The Cures are not sure how to defeat him until they remember everything they had gone through together and have decided to take him on together. Mirai and Riko transform in order to defeat him and return the Linkle Smartbook and Ha-chan, but it proves to be a difficult task as he defeats them easily while taking in more power. With the two worlds being consumed by darkness and with Ha-chan still trapped inside of his body, will the Cures be able to finally defeat him and save two worlds?
22 Mebaeru Aratana Densetsu! Kyua Ferīche Tanjō!
"A Legend Has Sprouted! Cure Felice is Born!"
Yamoh 2016-07-03
After Dokurokushe's defeat, Ha-chan has disappeared, and Mirai and Riko haven't gotten used to her absence. As they wonder where she is, a mysterious genie appears and revives Yamoh, who recovers some of Dokurokushe's bones and starts to consider using them to avenge his defeat. He uses one of them to summon a more powerful Yokubaru that the Cures struggle to defeat. Just when it looked as if the Cures met their defeat, a mysterious pink-haired girl appears and the Linkle Smartbook appears before her. Who is this girl and will she be the one to defeat the powered-up Yokubaru?
23 Korekara mo Yoroshiku! Okaeri, Hā-chan!
"Together From Now On! Welcome Back, Ha-chan!"
Yamoh 2016-07-10
Now that she has grown, Ha-chan begins to get used to her new size. She also shows that she can use magic too, creating her own broom to fly on, but she has a difficult time actually trying to fly. In addition to that, with the Linkle Stone Emerald found, Riko is concerned that she might have to return to the Magic World. Meanwhile, Yamoh, still loyal to Dokurokushe, summons another powerful Yokubaru to attack Ha-chan and the other Cures. She tries to transform, but for some reason, she can't. Will she able to transform into Cure Felice and help the others out once again?
24 Wakuwaku Rifōmu! Hā-chan no Oheyadzukuri!
"An Exciting Renovation! Decorating Ha-chan's Room!"
Yamoh 2016-07-17
Ha-chan, now known as Hanami Kotoha, has been allowed to live with Mirai and Riko, but because Mirai's room is too small, she has to settle for the attic. Using her magic, Kotoha moves all the boxes away, cleans it up and even draws furniture for the room, much to Riko's surprise. While Riko shows Kotoha how to help others out without having to use magic, Mofurun becomes concerned over the fact that she's not as helpful to the group as she thought. Can Mirai convince her otherwise?
25 Natsu da! Umi da! Ōhashagi! Kaki Kōri ga Tabeta~i!
"Summer! The Sea! Frolicking! We Want To Eat Shaved Ice~!"
Yamoh 2016-07-24
The Cures, along with Mayumi and Kana, head off to the beach to have some fun and enjoy some shaved ice, the latter getting Kotoha super excited. When they learn that the freezer was broken and that Mirai's father has to fix it, they all pass the time by having fun in the ocean. Kotoha decides to have a little more fun herself by using her magic, which soon after leaves Mirai and Riko exhausted trying to undo everything she caused. Later, when Kotoha goes to see if the freezer was fixed, a mysterious man tells her there is some shaved ice in a nearby cave, and she unknowingly walks into a trap. Will Mirai and Riko be able to save her, despite the trouble she caused them?
26 Omoi wa Min'na Issho! Hā-chan no Kukkī
"Everyone Has The Same Thoughts! Ha-chan's Cookies"
Yamoh 2016-07-31
Kotoha begins to have recurring nightmares of Mirai and Riko being defeated in the hands of Yamoh, who is now pursuing her because she possesses the Linkle Stone Emerald. Thinking that she is only causing her friends trouble, she considers running away. Before that, she decides to make some cookies, and even though she would eventually learn that they were too salty, Mirai and Riko appreciated them anyway. One night, Kotoha actually does run away, but not without Mofurun noticing her sneaking out and subsequently going to look out for her. Mofurun does find her attempting to fly away on her broom and the two try and sort things out. Meanwhile, Mirai and Riko start to look for her all the while Yamoh plans on confronting Kotoha and taking her stone. Can the two of them find her before Yamoh attacks?
27 Let's Enjoi! Mahō Gakkō no Natsuyasumi!
"Let's Enjoy! Magic School's Summer Break!"
Labut 2016-08-07
The girls visit the Magic World during their summer vacation and they are preparing for their summer festival. To fit in with the other students, Kotoha creates her own uniform, once again to Riko's surprise. They soon learn from Jun about a shortage of frozen oranges. Soon after that, Mirai visits Kouchou, who has been having some concerns of his own, and talks about her determination to stay and help her friends. Suddenly, the two of them are attacked by Labut, an evil genie who traps them in a dark dome that Riko and Kotoha cannot get through, and they also learn about Deusmast, which can spread chaos and evil throughout the world. Can Riko and Kotoha get to Mirai in time to stop the more-powerful Donyokubaru?
28 Mahō Kai no Natsu Matsuri! Hanabi yo, Takaku Agare!
"The Magic World's Summer Festival! Fireworks, Soar High!"
Labut 2016-08-14
It's the summer festival in Magic World and everyone is having a fun time playing games and enjoying different foods. Unfortunately, the Don-Don flowers that Jun, Kay and Emily have prepared for the fireworks have wilted, so the three of them, along with Mirai, Riko and Kotoha have to look for the Pachi-Pachi flowers instead, which will have a similar effect as the Don-Don ones. The girls split into groups in order to find them, but they have to find them before the festival ends. Will they find the Pachi-Pachi flowers in time for the fireworks presentation?
29 Aratana Mahō no Monogatari! Shuyaku wa Mofuderera!?
"A New Magical Tale! Mofuderella is the Star!?"
Mirai and Riko come across a special version of "Cinderella" in the library, and Mofurun seems to enjoy it. That night, as they were all sleeping, the Linkle Smartbook glows, transporting them all into the story. Mofurun is in the titular role of Cinderella, or Mofuderella, while Riko, with Mirai and Kotoha, play the fairy godmother and her mice respectively. Like in the story, Mofurun is left at the mercy of the evil stepsisters and their mother, played oddly enough by the fallen generals of the Dark Magicians. Riko and the two mice visit Mofuderella and help her go to the ball, where the prince, Kouchou, awaits. However, the evil stepsisters have something else of their sleeve and they have their own magician, Yamoh, attempt to cast a spell on Mofurderella. It ends up misfiring and causing Gamettsu, the mother, to grow. Even within the story, can the Cures bring Gamettsu back down to normal size, and how will they be able to return from the story?
30 Mahō no Jiyukenkyū! Ga, Owarana~i!!
"The Magic Research Project! It Just, Won't End~!!"
Labut 2016-08-28
With summer vacation just about over, the Cures have to go back to No Magic World. Before they did, their classmates Jun, Kay and Emily ask if they can help with their summer research projects. Jun makes a painting with Mirai and Riko as her models, Kay interviews Mofurun and Emily styles Kotoha's hair. Along the way, the Cures find out about their three classmates' goals, and that gets Riko concerned as to how she would achieve her own goal. Can she find anything in her love of magic?
31 Kesshō Suru Omoi! Nijiiro no Arekisandoraito!!
"Crystallised Feelings! The Rainbow Colored Alexandrite!!"
Labut 2016-09-04
The Cures are on their way back to No Magic World when all of a sudden, Labut causes the trolley they are on to get separated from the others and causes them to be stuck in between worlds. When he appears, they are left with no choice but to transform and fight him. He gives himself a huge power boost and deflects all of their spells and attacks without much effort at all. He then sends them all spiraling within the realm. Now separated from each other, they begin to lose hope. Will they pull themselves together and defeat Labut?
32 Wakuwaku Ippai! Hā-chan no Gakkō Seikatsu!
"Full of Excitement! Ha-chan's School Life!"
Shakince 2016-09-11
Kotoha enrolls in Mirai and Riko's school and starts to get to knowing everyone and getting herself adjusted to life at school. As the day progressed, she noticed something wrong with Souta, another one of her classmates. He is the captain of the soccer team and things are not looking so well for them. Kotoha, using a little bit of magic, tries to help him out. Meanwhile, one of the two dark spirits materializes on Earth, revealing himself to be Shakince, another powerful general who uses Mugic. Who is this new enemy, and will Kotoha be able to help Souta?
33 Surechigau Omoi! Chichi to Musume no Bimyo~na Ichinichi!
"Conflicted feelings! A Father and Daughter's Difficult Day!"
Benigyo 2016-09-18
Riko's father, Lian, who is an archaeologist in Magic World, visits her and the other Cures. Riko does want to spend time with him, but he seems to be more focused on the Linkle Stones and the spirits that resided within the Rainbow Carriage. Mirai's own father, Daikichi, shows Lian about how much he worries about his daughter sometimes and how children can grow. Meanwhile, the Cures are targeted by another new villain named Benigyo, who like Shakince, also uses Mugic and summons a powerful Donyokubaru that even injures Lian while he tries to defend her daughter. Will Riko be able to save him?
34 Dokidoki! Hatsukoi no Aji wa Ichigo Meron Pan!?
"Heart Pounding! First Love Tastes Like Strawberry Melon Bread!?"
Shakince 2016-09-25
Mirai, Riko and Kotoha's classmate Mayumi has fallen for a boy who attends a different school and wants to confess her feelings for him, but she doesn't know how to. The three of them, along with another one of their classmates Kana, help her out by assisting in her love letter. Will Mayumi muster enough courage to hand him that letter?
35 Seitokaichō Sōsenkyo! Riko ni Kiyoki Ippyō wo!
"The Student Council President General Election! Vote for Riko!"
Benigyo 2016-10-02
Riko learns about the upcoming Student Council President election and decides that she wants to run. Going up against classmate Namiki Yuuto, Riko starts to gain a following thanks to Mofurun and with Mirai and Kotoha making posters and signs. Meanwhile, Orba sends his partner, a bee-like mascot named Chikurun, to spy on the Cures. Also, Riko finds herself unsure as to what she would do once she were to be elected. Can she come up with a good platform before the election happens?
36 Mirai to Mofurun, Tokidoki Chikurun! tte Dare!?
"Mirai and Mofurun, At This Time It's Chikurun! Wait, Who!?"
Orba 2016-10-09
Mirai and the others have decided have some pancakes. But before eating, they go and wash their hands. They come back into the room to find that Mirai's pancakes have disappeared! They find their culprit who reveals himself to be Chikurun. However, Chikurun is ordered to bring Mofurun to Orba. Will Mofurun be saved by the Cures before Orba hurts him?
37 Mahō ga Kimete? Reitō Mikan no Reshipi!
魔法が決め手? 冷凍みかんのレシピ!
"Making a Decision With Magic? The Recipe of the Frozen Mandarin!"
Benigyo 2016-10-16
Kyoto contacts the Cures asking if they've seen Kouchou. The Cures head to the Magic World where they find Kouchou checking on the mandarin. The group head off to the freezing cold ice land to freeze the mandarins however, the Ice Dragons can't freeze the mandarins because they aren't healthy. Will the group be able to get the dragons to freeze the mandarins?
38 Amai? Amakunai? Mahō no Kabocha Matsuri!
甘い? 甘くない? 魔法のかぼちゃ祭り!
"Sweet? Or Not Sweet? The Magical Pumpkin Festival!"
Shakince 2016-10-23
It's Halloween in the Magic World and to celebrate, they're holding a festival where everyone must chase after a flying pumpkin. Only the Cures are left after everyone else got turned into candy. However, there appears to be something wrong with the flying pumpkin. Will the Cures be able to figure out what's wrong with the pumpkin?
39 Kyō wa Harōin! Minna Egao ni Nāre!
今日はハロウィン! みんな笑顔になぁれ!
"Today is Halloween! Everyone Must Smile!"
Benigyo 2016-10-30
Halloween has come to No Magic World, with the Cures' Magic World classmates tagging along because of their outfits passing off as costumes pretty well. Thanks to Kotoha, the Cures and mascots receive cute costumes themselves as well. When Mirai's class sets up a crepe shop, Jun, Kay and Emily unintentionally cause trouble by using magic to help the class out. After being scolded by Kyoto, they agree to help without using it. Then all of a sudden, Benigyo crashes the party by summoning a Balloon Donyokubaru. Can the Cures protect the festival?
40 Aijō Ippai no Omedetō! Riko no Tanjōbi!
"Congratulating You With A Lot of Love! Riko's Birthday!"
Shakince 2016-11-13
It is Riko's birthday, and her mother, a famous chef named Lilia who has her own show in the No Magic World, pays her a visit along with her father and sister to throw her a party. Throughout the party, Riko feels embarrassed around her family, especially after Lilia reads an old childhood fairy tale to her. When will Riko realize how much her mother wants to see her happy?
41 Juerī na Mainichi! Mahō Gakkō e Hōkago Ryūgaku!
"Everyday There's Jewellery! Studying After School At Magic School!"
Orba 2016-11-20
The Cures decide to spend more time in Magic World after their regular school now that the two worlds were closer together. One night, they throw a slumber party with their classmates, which they at the same time try to hide from Kyoto. Meanwhile, Kouchou travels back to the tall tree where the Cures fought against Dokurokushe, with Orba taking interest in something that once belong to Kouchou's old colleague. What exactly is he after?
42 Chikurun ni Todoke! Omoi wo Noseta Mahō no Purin!
"Deliver It To Chikurun! The Magic Pudding Filled With Feelings!"
Shakince 2016-11-27
Chikurun is ordered by Orba to steal the Cures' Linkle Stones, but he's not sure whether or not he should go through with it because of how much he grew acquainted to the Cures during the time he spied on them. Meanwhile, the girls makes some honey pudding along with Liz and their classmates for Chikurun, but as they do that, he goes through with stealing the Linkle Stones and gives them to Shakince. Will the Cures be able to get the stones back?
43 Iza Yōsei no Sato e! Akasareru Mahō Kai no Himitsu!
"To The Fairy Village! Magic World's Secret is Revealed!"
Sparda 2016-12-04
The Cures enter the Fairy Village, when all of a sudden, Kotoha turns back into a fairy. They also encounter the Fairy Queen, who was worried about Chikurun's disappearance. While they enjoy some cakes provided by the fairies, they meet the Legend Queen, who tells them the story of how the Magic and No Magic Worlds were once one but became separated after Mother RaPaPa used up all of her energy protecting it from Deusmast. Just then, they are attacked by Sparda, who was mysteriously revived by Orba. Can the Cures defeat her again?
44 Mofurun Dai Funtō! Minna Kodomo ni Nacchatta!?
"Mofurun's Greatest Struggle! Everyone Has Become Kids!?"
Sparda 2016-12-11
After returning to No Magic World, the Cures are suddenly turned into little kids thanks to a spell Orba had cast. Now that they are younger, they do not have as much control over their magic as they usually do, which causes problems. Mofurun is also left trying not to let Mirai's mother into her room to prevent her from finding out that Mirai had de-aged. Meanwhile, Orba revives two more of Dokurokushe's old generals, Batty and Gamettsu. What does he have planned for them, and can the Cures turn back to normal in time?
45 Omoi wa Toki wo Koete...! Yūjō no Katachi!
"Feelings Beyond Time...! Forms of Friendship!"
Orba 2016-12-18
Kouchou comes to visit from Magic World and the Cures tell him about their progress. While getting him some strawberry melon bread, they learn about his friendship with Kushe from Magic Crystal and about how close they were until Kushe started dabbling in dark magic. Just then, Orba appears and transports the Cures, along with Kouchou, to a mysterious stage and learn about a dark secret about how Kushe became Dokurokushe that has a connection with the revival of Deusmast's generals. How will they handle learning about this revelation?
46 Mahō no Kurisumasu! Mirai, Santa ni Naru!?
"A Magical Christmas! Mirai, Becomes Santa!?"
Benigyo 2016-12-25
It is Christmas time, and Mirai learns about how many of the adults in Magic World take turns being Santa Claus, delivering the presents to the children in both worlds. However, after Isaac-sensei injures himself, the Cures decide to take his place and deliver them themselves. During their trek around the world, Kana still wishes to see a real life magic user herself because it had always been her dream to do so. Will that wish come true for her tonight?
47 Sorezore no Negai! Ashita wa Dotchi dā?
"All Of Our Wishes! Which Way To Tomorrow?"
Benigyo 2017-01-08
One day the Cures decide to visit a shrine to wish for everyone's happiness. Meanwhile, in Magic World, Kouchou notices that it has started snowing when it shouldn't be, which meant that Deusmast was planning his return. As he approaches both of their worlds, Benigyo appears, absorbing the spirits of Deusmast's servants to make herself even more powerful. Will the Cures be able to defeat her before Deusmast is completely revived?
48 Owarinaki Konton! Deusumasuto no Sekai!!
"Never Ending Chaos! Deusmast's World!!"
Deusmast 2017-01-15
Mirai wakes up to find that both the Magic World and the No Magic World have been merged together because of Deusmast, and many of the people around her and the other two Cures do not seem to be surprised. They soon learn that they must defeat Deusmast soon before the evil entity consumes the world in chaos, but once they do, it could mean that the two worlds will be separated for good. Can they stop Deusmast and save both of their worlds?
49 Sayonara...Mahō Tsukai! Kiseki no Mahō yo, Mō Ichido!
"Goodbye...Magical Users! Come Once Again, Miraculous Magic!"
Deusmast 2017-01-22
The final battle between the Cures and Deusmast continues, and with the magic circle completed with the help of the Linkle Stone spirits, they ultimately prevail in purifying it thanks to that and the help of everyone else who was watching them. However, as a result, Kotoha, becoming the new Mother RaPaPa, disappears after she separates the two worlds, and Mirai and Riko have to return to those respective worlds. How will Mirai handle not seeing Riko anymore?
50 Kyuappu・RaPaPa! Ashita mo Ī Hi ni Nāre!!
キュアップ・ラパパ! 未来もいい日になあれ!!
"Cure Up・RaPaPa! Tomorrow Will Become A Good Day Too!!"
Dokuromushe 2017-01-29
After becoming reacquainted and enjoying some strawberry melon bread, Kotoha taps into the memories within them to turn Mirai and Riko back into 14-year-olds. However, a mysterious figure that looks similar to Yamoh's Dokurokushe effigy appears and sucks up all the sweets, including Kotoha's wand. The girls travel back to Magic World to learn what was going on and learn that Dokuromushe was going around stealing every sweet it can find. Will they be able to stop him?

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