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Madam Momere
マダム・モメール Madamu Momēru
Madam Momere Gakken Mook Profile
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark Green
Hair ColorPurple
Home PlacePhantom Empire
First AppearanceHCPC28
Theme ColorPurple
Japanese Voice ActorHamada Kenji

Madam Momere (マダム・モメール Madamu Momēru?) is one of the generals of the Phantom Empire. She is the fifth general to be introduced. She ends some of her sentences with "~momemome.", which means quarrel.


Momere Taunting Sunset and Wave

Momere taunting the defeated Sunset and Wave

She is never seen when Axia is open. She easily defeated the Alo~ha Cures and taunted them, saying Cure Wave is holding Sunset down. She later comes to their house, demanding them to come out and fight her, because she wants to witness the drama unfold between the two sisters.

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure in Hawaii

Momere surprised to meet the Happiness Charge! Cures

The two transform into Cure Sunset and Cure Wave, and this time, the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure are there to help. Madam Momere is surprised that they were in Hawaii. Momere orders the Saiarks and Choiarks to attack both teams. Cure Fortune managed to defeat one of Momere's Saiarks.

Curse You Alo~Ha Pretty Cure

Momere holding a handkerchief

Madam Momere continues to taunt the Alo~ha Pretty Cures when Cure Honey steps in and mentions the bond between the sisters before healing them. Sunset and Wave are able to perform their group attack and defeat Madam Momere's last Saiark. Momere curses the Alo~ha Pretty Cures and leaves angrily with Hawaii returning back to normal.

Her fate is unknown after the destruction of the Phantom Empire.


Madam Momere has short purple hair with an upward curl. She has dark green eyes and wears lipstick and has a beard. She wears a light pink low-cut blouse and white pants and also wears a necklace and earrings. She also carries a handkerchief.


She is a flamboyant, cool-headed and charismatic feminine lady. She also enjoys it when people fight among each other, even to the point of telling someone to get rid of their friends because they are holding them back.


Like the other commanders, she can trap people in the mirrors to create Saiarks. Her Saiarks turn the environment into frozen lands.


Alo~ha Pretty Cure - Her main enemies. She often badmouths them, implies they don't make a good team and is delighted when they argue.


  • She is the only general who appears in one episode.
  • She is never seen summoning a Saiark on screen.
  • Madam Momere is the second villain to have "madam" part of her name after Cutie Madame.


Official Profile/Art


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