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Loving True Heart 0012

Loving True Heart (ラビング・トゥルー・ハート Rabingu Turū Hāto?) is a group attack from Fresh Pretty Cure!. At the first time, in Fresh Pretty Cure!: Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!?, it was performed only by Cure Angel (Peach) Later, the attack is used as a group attack. It is the strongest attack among the attacks from Fresh Pretty Cure.


The Cure Angels creates lights in their hand and form them to hearts. The four hearts combine to a large pink heart. Cure Angel (Peach) does a heart command, this heart grows larger and larger and it is sparkling violently. Then Cure Angel (Peach) fires Loving True Heart to the enemy; it flies very fast to the enemy and purifies him/her when hitting.

  • Cure Angel (Peach) creates the light...
  • ...and forms a heart.
  • Peach's heart
  • Berry's heart
  • Pine's heart
  • Passion's heart
  • The four hearts...
  • ...are growing.
  • Cure Angel's command
  • The four hearts combine...
  • ...and growing...
  • ...and growing even more.
  • "Pretty Cure, Loving True Heart!"
  • The attack is flying
  • The destroyed.



Cure Angel (Peach): プリキュア・ラビング・トゥルー・ハート!


Cure Angel (Peach): Purikyua! Rabingu Turū Hāto!


Cure Angel (Peach): Pretty Cure! Loving True Heart!

Loving True Heart Fresh

Loving True Heart Fresh (ラビング・トゥルー・ハートフレッシュ Rabingu Turū Hāto Furesshu?) is the upgraded version of Loving True Heart, performed by the four Cure Angels and Tarte, Azukina, Westar and Soular. Also, it does include the power of feelings by the inhabitants of Labyrinth.



Fresh Pretty Cures & Mascots & Westar and Soular: プリキュア・ラビング・トゥルー・ハート・フレッシュ!


Fresh Pretty Cures & Mascots & Westar and Soular: Purikyua! Rabingu Turū Hāto Furesshu!


Fresh Pretty Cures & Mascots & Westar and Soular: Pretty Cure! Loving True Heart Fresh!

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