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Lovely Force Arrow

Lovely Force Arrow (ラブリーフォースアロー Raburī Fōsu Arō?) is the Pretty Cures' first group attack in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. It was first used in episode 15, and requires the Cures to use the Love Heart Arrow and Cure Loveads.


The Cures raise their arms up, and the Love Heart Arrows appear and fly into their hands. They place the Cure Loveads onto the Love Heart Arrow, and slide their fingers upon the four colored hearts. The heart-shaped tip of the Arrow glows each Cures' signature color. The Cures step forward side by side and pull the Arrow back, producing a rainbow colored heart above them. The Cures wink, releasing the trigger. The heart explodes, sending a blast of rainbow colored energy surging towards the enemy, purifying them.

As seen in episode 21, the attack can purify multiple Jikochuu at a time. In episode 27, the Cures use a powered-up version of Lovely Force Arrow in which their battle auras are visible.



Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: ラブハートアロー!
Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: プリキュアラブリーフォースアロー !


Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: Rabu Hāto Arō!
Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: Purikyua Raburī Fōsu Arō!

Literal Translation

Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: Love Heart Arrow!
Cure Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, Sword: Pretty Cure Lovely Force Arrow!

Glitter Force Doki Doki

Glitter Heart: Activate Glitter Charm!

Glitter Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade: Glitter Force, Togetherness Power Arrow!

Lovely Force Reflection

Lovely Force Reflection (ラブリーフォースリフレクション Raburī Fōsu Rifurekushon?) is a variation of Rosetta Reflection. The Cures first use it in episode 30.


Cure Rosetta thrusts the Love Heart Arrow forward as if she is about to perform Rosetta Reflection. Cure Heart, Cure Diamond, and Cure Sword then stand behind her, putting their hands on her back. The Cures' battle auras become visible, and the Rosetta Reflection shield appears in front of them. Cure Rosetta fires a blast of yellow energy towards the enemy, with the beam powerful enough to break through Melan's barrier.



Cure Heart, Diamond, Sword: プリキュアラブリーフォースリフレクション!


Cure Heart, Diamond, Sword: Purikyua Raburī Fōsu Rifurekushon!

Literal Translation

Cure Heart, Diamond, Sword: Pretty Cure Lovely Force Reflection!


  • The attack is essentially a group version of Cure Heart's Heart Shoot and Cure Rosetta's Rosetta Reflection.
  • This is the third attack to have the word "Arrow", preceded by Sapphire Arrow and Beauty Blizzard Arrow.
  • This is the first attack to have the words "Lovely" and "Force".
  • This is the first group attack to utilize archery bows to perform, unlike earlier group attacks which used items similar to swords, batons, and staffs (i.e. the Cure Fleurets, the Cure Sticks, and the Princess Candles).
  • This is similar to Rainbow Rose Explosion.
    • Both attacks have the Cures' weapons (the Cure Fleurets and the Love Heart Arrows) flying into their hands;
    • Both teams take a step forward when preparing their attack.
    • The Dokidoki! Cures releasing the trigger of the Love Heart Arrow is similar to the Yes! Cures thrusting their Cure Fleurets towards the enemy.
    • Both attacks involve a rainbow-colored object (a rose and heart, respectively).
  • When the Cures' wink, the light from their eyes takes the form of their respective card suit symbols.
  • From episode 19 onwards, the animation for the attack is slightly altered. The rainbow beam produced by the heart is more detailed and slightly larger.
  • From episode 15 to episode 20, the animation with the Cures summoning the Love Heart Arrow is not shown. In episode 21, the part was added.
  • Cure Sword is the only Cure that does not smile while performing the attack.
  • This is the third attack to have the word "Reflection", preceded by Moonlight Reflection and Rosetta Reflection.



Pretty Cure Lovely Force Arrow01:03

Pretty Cure Lovely Force Arrow

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