Cure Heart's Arrow

Love Heart Arrow (ラブハートアロー Rabu Hatto Aroo?, (or Glitter Heart Arrow in the Glitter Force Doki Doki dub) is the weapon appearing in episode 11 of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. The weapon has a similar look to a Crossbow. Each one of them gets activated by a Lovead.


Love Heart Arrow serves as a weapon for the Cures to perform their attacks, Cure Heart's Heart Shoot, Cure Diamond's Diamond Shower, Cure Rosetta's Rosetta Reflection and Cure Sword's Sparkle Sword.

To activate the object, they have to insert their Cure Loveads and then touch the hearts and it lights in their theme color. Each Cure uses their Arrow in a different way. Cure Rosetta uses her Arrow to draw a circle, forming a barrier, Cure Diamond taps her Arrow as a tambourine, Cure Sword uses her Arrow as a crossbow, and Cure Heart uses her as actual bow and arrow.


Love Heart Arrow appears as in a similar look to a Crossbow. It has a heart shape but Cure Heart's and Sword's have a open shape, and a big red heart where you can insert the Cure Lovead, it also has a pink heart in the bottom. The top heart can light in the color of the Cures.


The Arrow can undergo the Cures second individual attacks, which is:

It also can undergo the Cures group attack:

  • Lovely Force Arrow (Togetherness Power Arrow in Glitter Force Doki Doki)
    • Lovely Force Reflection (a group version of "Rosetta Reflection")