Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation! (レッツプレイ!プリキュアモジュレーション! Rettsu Purei! Purikyua! Mojurēshon!?) is the official transformation phrase used by the Cures in Suite Pretty Cure♪. To activate their transformation, the girls need their Cure Modules and their respective Fairy Tone partners.

"Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!" is also the title of the transformation music track found on original soundtrack albums. It can be found in album Suite Pretty Cure♪ Original Soundtrack 1: Pretty Cure Sound Fantasia!!. The Introless version can be found on album Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Original Soundtrack.

Pretty Cure and Fairy Tone partners

Cure Melody --- Dory
Cure Rhythm --- Rery
Cure Beat --- Lary
Cure Muse --- Dodory

List of Sequences and First Appearance

Cure Melody and Rhythm --- Episode 1
Cure Beat --- Episode 22
Cure Melody, Rhythm and Beat --- Episode 24
Cure Muse --- Episode 36
Cure Melody, Rhythm, Beat and Muse --- Episode 37


The Fairy Tones first fly up into the sky, shout out their note and shine. They then sound out their respective notes and dive into the girls' Cure Modules. The girls then call out the transformation phrase "Let's Play! Pretty Cure Modulation!" and tap the button on the bottom of the Cure Module. This causes the central crystal of the Cure Module to sparkle, and the Fairy Tone inside gives a small jerk to bring out a golden G-Clef, which starts the transformation.

The girls are first surrounded by ribbons, which bind together to form their dress, ending in bows at their chests and waists. Their hair then changes color and they gain their hair accessories. For Cure Melody and Rhythm, part of their hair forms into braids which wrap around the rest of their hair to form twintails and a ponytail respectively.

The girls open their eyes to reveal that their eyes have changed color as well. They then stand in a circle and extend an arm in, and ribbons wrap around their arms to produce arm protectors. A choker appears around their necks.

In group sequences, the gaining of their shoes is not shown. However, in individual sequences, ribbons wrap around their legs, and the girls tap their feet together to gain shoes.

Lastly, the girls gain their earrings one by one. Each earring appears together with a note from the Solfège scale, so the 4 Cures transforming together complete an entire octave of notes. They then fly down together and strike a pose. Each Cure introduces herself in turn, and they end off with an ending phrase and their final pose.

Ending Phrases

  • Cure Melody and Rhythm:

Reach Out! Our duet musical suite! Suite Pretty Cure! (届け!二人の組曲!スイートプリキュア! Todoke! Futari no kumikyoku! Suiito purikyua!?)

  • Cure Melody, Rhythm and Beat:

Reach Out! Our trio musical suite! Suite Pretty Cure! (届け!三人の組曲!スイートプリキュア! Todoke! Sannin no kumikyoku! Suiito purikyua!?)

  • Cure Melody, Rhythm, Beat and Muse:

Reach Out! Our quartet musical suite! Suite Pretty Cure! (届け!四人の組曲!スイートプリキュア! Todoke! Yonin no kumikyoku! Suiito purikyua!?) (In episode 48, the phrase changes to everyone's musical suite.)





Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm Transformation01:41

Cure Melody & Cure Rhythm Transformation

PreCure HD - Cure Beat Transformation00:50

PreCure HD - Cure Beat Transformation

Cure Beat transformation

Cure Muse Transformation HD00:55

Cure Muse Transformation HD

Suite Precure Transformation02:06

Suite Precure Transformation

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