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Kumasawa Ayumi
熊沢あゆみ Kumasawa Ayumi
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBlueish Grey
Hair ColorPurple
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC03

Kumazawa Ayumi (熊沢あゆみ Kumasawa Ayumi?) in a combo with Mao on the tennis team.



Ayumi has tanned skin and short, dull brown hair. Her eyes are dark blue. She wore a pale lilac top with a pink collar, pale green shorts, and lavender sneakers with white socks. Her wrist bands are white and lavender.


At first Ayumi seemed to be cold and uncaring towards Mao, her best friend. But as it turned out, she was actually feeling the same way Mao did - in that she wished to no longer bring her down when she worried she would play better with someone else.


Ayumi added her friend and tennis doubles partner Ogasawara Mao quite a shock when she confesses that they should just train alone from now on. Mao interpreted this as a sign that they no longer can keep up with Ayumi. It turns out, however, that both of them felt the same concerns as the other did, in that she was the weaker one of the duo and feared getting in the way. 



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