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Koshino Natsuko
越野夏子 Koshino Natsuko
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Age14 (FwPC)
15 (FwPCMH)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
Japanese Voice ActorKoshimizu Ami

Koshino Natsuko (Summer in English Dub) is a girl in the same class as Nagisa and Honoka. One day she and her friend, Mori Kyoko, decide to cosplay as the Pretty Cure, leading everyone to think they are them. As they are only cosplaying, the girls do not have any powers or abilities and are normally seen pretending to play hero for younger children.

After this little episode, they continue to cosplay as Pretty Cure.


She believes Cure Black is cool, and cute, but she believes Cure White is lacking in personality. As Kyoko seems to be like Honoka, it's also possible that Natsuko is like Nagisa; as shown while they were baking in class when they acted alike. 


Natsuko is normally shown in her school uniform. She has dark brown hair with a loose bob-cut worn with two pink clips. She has matching eyes.

Her Cure Black costume is very different from the real Cure Black, consisting of a dark blue belly shirt with puffed sleeves and pale pink lining and a very loose gray collar. On her chest is a white bow, along with fingerless gloves that have pink bands around the wrist and a mirrored heart on top of the hand. The skirt matches the top and is worn with a pink belt and reflective heart, leg warmers with hearts at the top and tennis shoes. Her hairclips were changed to hearts. 


  • Koshimizu Ami, Natsuko's voice actress, would later go on to voice a genuine Cure: Hojo Hibiki/Cure Melody from Suite Pretty Cure. Coincidentally, Hibiki has a lot in common with Nagisa.
    • Her friend and "fake cure partner", Kyoko went on to voice Kanade from the same season; meaning that the two girls have technically worked together for two different series. 


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