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Kometsuki Kyouto
米槻教頭 Kometsuki Kyouto
Kometsuki Kyouto
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Hair ColorGray
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
First AppearanceFwPC03
Japanese Voice ActorNishimura Tomohiro
English Voice ActorSteve Olson

Kometsuki Kyouto (米槻教頭 Kometsuki Kyouto?) (Mr. Weaver in the English dub) is the assistant/vice-principal/president of Verone Academy. Institute and enthusiastic about guiding the daily lives of students, but is a sarcastic man with a short temper and not very popular with the students. In every episode, he's always with the Principal to get close to him or being trained by him. He was possessed by a Zakenna. Hides a hobby of reading comics he confiscates from students.


Sometime before Futari wa Pretty Cure began he became assistant principal in fact he has been there so long that this was his job when Fujita Akane attended school there. During this time he acquired the bad habit of reading Magna that he confiscated from students and taking other things to cover it up. This led him to confiscate Mepple while he was in cell phone form prompting Nagisa to try anything to get him back. During an episode of Futari wa Pretty Cure he was turned into a Zakkena and seemed to let out some of his frustrations with the students before being changed back to normal. He is often seen with the Principal and gets into wacky situations with him prompting the students to term them both as a comedy duo.



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