Kise Chiharu
黄瀬ちはる Kise Chiharu
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesKise Yayoi (daughter)

Kise Yuuichi (husband, deceased)

First AppearanceSmPC09
Japanese Voice ActorHikami Kyouko

Kise Chiharu (黄瀬ちはる Kise Chiharu?) is Yayoi's mother, and a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. She made her first appearance in episode 9.



Like Yayoi, Chiharu has shoulder-length hair which curls inwards around her head. Her hair is brown, with long bangs parted on the left side. Her eyes are a dark shade of brown. She is normally seen wearing a pink long-sleeved top, with a white apron over it when she is cooking.

Like Yayoi, Chiharu has short, thick hair that curls around her head. However, it is brown and slightly longer. She has her bangs neatly brushed to the side with a part on the left of her head. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown. Her normal attire consists of a light gold and brown jacket over a white shirt and a matching skirt, along with tights and brown heels.


Chiharu has a fun-loving personality, implied when she told Yayoi about April Fool's Day, and used a fib about making pancakes for breakfast to lure her out of bed.SmPC09

In episode 19, it is revealed that Chiharu is a widow. Her most prized possession is a Father's Day card made by Yayoi for her late husband, Yuuichi, when their daughter was four years old. In Yayoi's flashback, Yuuichi describes Chiharu as a gentle and kind person.

Chiharu works as an agent for a fashion company named Fairy Drop (from Heartcatch Pretty Cure!), and her job scope includes organizing fashion shows and keeping in contact with fashion designers.


Kise (黄瀬) - 黄 means "yellow", while 瀬 means "river rapids".

Chiharu (ちはる) - Though Chiharu's name is written in hiragana, it was revealed in episode 19 that her kanji name is written as 千春 or "a thousand springs". This is the inspiration that Yuuichi got for Yayoi's name.



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