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This is a category listing the episodes for KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Daisuki Tappuri! Kyua Hoippu Dekiagari!
"I Love It So Much! Cure Whip is Complete!"
Gummy 2017-02-05
Usami Ichika is gathering ingredients for a cake she wanted to make for her mother when a mysterious cream explosion rocks the town. Thinking nothing of it, she starts to make her cake and after several failures, she is suddenly greeted by Pekorin, a fairy who comes crashing into her face. The fairy helps Ichika tap into her feelings when making her cake, causing it to successfully rise. Unfortunately, Ichika learns her mother would not be coming home that day and she becomes so upset that she didn't want to finish the cake. Just then, a mysterious creature named Gummy appears, stealing the Kirakiraru from her failed cakes to take on a much stronger form and attacking her and Pekorin. How can Ichika save her cake from having its Kirakiraru stolen?
02 Chīsana Tensai Kyua Kasutādo!
"The Small Genius Is Cure Custard!"
Pulupulu 2017-02-12
The mysterious box from the previous episode opens up to reveal the KIRAKIRA Patisserie as well as a fairy named Chourou. He tells Ichika about the legendary Patisserie Pretty Cure. The next day, Ichika accidentally intrudes on the shy and reserved Arisugawa Himari at school and later that day, learns that she loves sweets too, especially pudding. Ichika invites her to the newfound bakery to help make some with her, but Himari is still hesitant on doing so because she is afraid that Ichika would not like her because of her tendency of sharing too much of her knowledge, which drives others away. However, Ichika assures her that she would still be friends with her and the two pull off a wonderful pudding dish. Just then, a fairy named Pulupulu appears and steals the Kirakiraru found in the pudding to power himself up. How will Himari be able to help a troubled Cure Whip?
03 Sakebe Raion! Kyua Jerāto!
叫べライオン! キュアジェラート!
"Shout Out Loud, Lion! Cure Gelato!"
Hotto 2017-02-19
One day, Ichika overhears a band singing while her and Himari were walking, and the two of them head to a stage where a girl named Tategami Aoi is singing with her band Wild Azur, and Ichika really enjoys the music. Aoi later learns about a battle of the bands contest where her idol, Misaki Ayane, is one of the judges, and she wants her band to enter, volunteering to write the lyrics to their newest song. Aoi struggles to come up with the right ones, but Ichika decides to help out more by making her her favorite sweet, ice cream, making one in the shape of a lion to get her inspired. She presents it to a conflicted Aoi on the day of the performance and she regains confidence. Before her band could perform though, Hotto, a member of the Kirakiraru Thieves, attacks and targets the Kirakiraru in her ice cream. Will Aoi be able to defend both her ice cream and the show?
04 San'nin Sorotte Rettsu・Ra・Mazemaze!
"With Three Girls, Let's・La・Mix It All Up!"
05 Kimagure Onēsama wa Kyua Makaron!
"The Moody Older Sister Is Cure Macaron!"

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