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ジュナ Juna
Juna full body
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Eye ColorGray (Ryuichiro Kakuzawa)
Blue (Juna)
Hair ColorBlack (Ryuichiro Kakuzawa)
White (Juna)
Home PlaceDusk Zone
First AppearanceFwPC27
Alter EgoKakuzawa Ryuichiro
Theme ColorBlue
Japanese Voice ActorMatsumoto Yasunori
English Voice ActorBrendan Hunter

Juna (ジュナ Juna?) is the tall young man of the seeds of darkness. More the muscle of the group, Juna is quite stoic and his expression seldom changes. His human alias is Kakuzawa Ryuichiro (角澤 竜一郎 Kazukawa Ryũichirō?) (Edgedale in the English dub), who is made as his original form in the English version.


Juna was the first of the Three Seeds of Darkness to be revived. It was shown he was a seed in a meadow. But as he germinated and grew, all the flowers around him died. He eventually became a human man and took the name of Kakuzawa Ryuichiro. He was very tall, seldom seen in any emotion other than a frown. He worked in an office and was very on top of his work. One day Juna felt a strange presence occurring in his body. He saw that a cyclone was heading for the country. With a surge of energy he jumped out and in a blink of an eye everyone forgot him.


True form

Juna appears with blue skin, and has muscles in his body. He has white hair, and has scars in his face, he also has blue eyes. Then when he fusions with Regine, and Belzei, all his body, including hair, became dark black.

Human form

In his human form, he appears much taller, as a human, with short, black hair, and has grey eyes.


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