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Itou Hitomi
伊東仁美 Itō Hitomi
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
First AppearanceFwPCSS01
Japanese Voice ActorOno Kyouko

Itou Hitomi (伊東仁美 Itō Hitomi?) is Saki and Mai's fellow classmate and friend of Saki. She is on the Softball team and being a friend and classmate of the main characters, she makes appearance many times through Splash Star.

Normally she is seen with Outa Yuuko, Saki's other friend and classmate. She helped Saki when she was planning a welcome party for Mai by mixing the ingredients.

Other then school attire she is commonly seen with a light shirt with a 3 on it and a jean jacket.


Hitomi has coffee hair worn down with small bangs towards the left side of her face with matching colored eyes. She looks to be somewhat tall and thin, compared to Saki.


Hitomi, like Saki, loves to play softball. She plays it a lot and is in her school team. Hitomi was also quite sensitive to what other people said to her such as when Kaoru sarcastically said that she should decide Kaoru's own future.


Itou: normally wrote as Ito. It can only be a surname and is never used as a first name. It translates as Thread, yarn.

Hitomi: Translates as Pupil, or Pupil of the eye.


Hyuuga Saki and Outa Yuuko - These three seem to be best friends. The trio are mostly seen together hanging out or playing Softball.

Mishou Mai - Hitomi seems to respect Mai.



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