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Ichijo Kazuki
一条 和希 Ichijo Kazuki
Kazuki image
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
RelativesAono Miki (sister),
Aono Remi (mother),
Unknown father
First AppearanceFPC02
Japanese Voice ActorKENN

Ichijo Kazuki (一条 和希 Ichijo Kazuki?) is Miki's 13 year old brother. Kazuki lives with his father. He is seen in the opening and is properly introduced in episode 2. He poses as Miki's boyfriend so that other boys will not flirt with her. He is somewhat sickly and is afraid it will prevent him from doing things he wants to do but Miki encourages him. His dream is eventually to become a doctor.


Before Kazuki and Miki's parents divorce, Kazuki was usually around Miki, Love and Inori. He was quite a crybaby, seen crying a lot in a flashback. When Love and Inori met Kazuki again they doubted that it was actually him as he was nothing like the crybaby Kazuki anymore. Today, it is known that he is more confident and braver, being ready to let Miki escape instead of him when they are attacked by the Nakewameke in episode two.



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