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Hyuuga Minori
日向 みのり Hyuuga Minori
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Home PlaceLand of Greenery
RelativesHyuuga Saori (mother), Hyuuga Daisuke (father),
Hyuuga Saki (elder sister)
First AppearanceFwPCSS01
Japanese Voice ActorSaitou Ayaka

Hyuuga Minori (日向 みのり Hyuuga Minori?) is Saki's little sister. As the little sister, she really looks up to Saki and has a habit of annoying her on occasion, however, later on their bond begins to grow and they get along better. She desires to become closer to both Saki and Mai's friends.

The two sisters share a bedroom.


She has brown hair worn down with a few clips and braids, with light brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a white puffy sleeved shirt with a pink top on top and a blue skirt with pink shoes.


Minori is often shown to be responsible, being able to handle many tasks at hand. Such as going to find Saki when their mother needs help, or working at the shop if someone wishes to have an order.


Damaging the book

Minori is messing around one day when Saki brought home a book that Saki had borrowed from Mai's brother when she accidentally spills juice on it. Saki got very angry, causing Minori to run away later. She is soon attacked by Moerumba and knocked unconscious.

Saki does everything to save her and beats the Uzainaa. She then apologizes to Minori when she wakes up and since then, the sisters have gotten along better.


  • Hyuuga Saki - Minori really likes her sister and wants to be closer to her but she seems to only cause mischief a lot of the time.
  • Kiryuu Kaoru and Kiryuu Michiru - Minori really looks up to these two thinking that they are Saki and Mai's coolest friends. She likes hanging out with them and refers them as older sisters.


Hyuuga (日向 Hyuuga?): Hyuu () translates to sun, and ga () translates to facing; toward. The two kanji can also mean sunny place or in the sun when used in normal speech rather than as a surname, in which case they are pronounced hinata.

Minori (みのり Minori?): Usually translates as either Truth, or Beautiful Harbor. Which would fit in with the Splash Stars theme.





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