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はぐたん Hagutan
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorPinkish blond
First AppearanceKKPCALM49 (cameo)
Japanese Voice ActorTada Konomi

Hugtan (はぐたん?) is the main mascot for the HUGtto! Pretty Cure series. She is a mysterious baby who together with her caretaker Hariham Harry fell from the sky in front of Nono Hana while fleeing from pursuers from the Criasu Corporation.



Hugtan is a small baby with short pinkish-blonde hair tied in two small twintails held by fluffy white bands. Her eyes are red and her eyelashes appear to be dark yellow. She wears a pink top with a white bib decorated with magenta hearts as well as sky blue bloomers and cream-colored booties. She also wears a jeweled tiara with a light blue heart-shaped gem.


She appears to only say "hagyu~" and likes milk, Hana, Saaya and Homare.


Nono Hana, Yakushiji Saaya and Kagayaki Homare take care of her, together with Hariham Harry.




She is sensitive to the tomorrow-creating power Tomorrow Powerer and is weakened when it diminishes. She can use the Tomorrow Powerer she has accumulated to purify an Oshimaida, but it could put in into a deep sleep because of exhaustion as a result, which results in a high fever usually.

She tends to behave like a normal human baby. For example, she can only make noises instead of talking and has to be carried around. However, she does show signs that she is growing. In episode 8, she stands on her two feet by herself for the first time, and in episode 11, she says her first word, "mamma". In episode 12, she starts teething and eating baby food.


Hugtan's voice actress, Tada Konomi, has participated in an image song for the character she voices which is a duet that she sings alongside Hikisaka Rie, the voice actress of Nono Hana.




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