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アワーズ Awāzu
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorDark blue
First AppearanceFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash☆Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu!
Japanese Voice ActorKikuchi Masami

Hours (アワーズ Awāzu?) is a fairy from the Village of Clocks. He controls the shorter needle on the Infinite Clock, which controls time in all worlds. He appears in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash☆Star Tick Tack Kiki Ippatsu! and also makes cameos in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2 and DX3.


Hours gives overall impression of a tortoise mascot. An orange arrow headed hood covers the head until the chin with a knot. He has a tortoise shell. Hours is the shorter mascot of the two, given his name, and a possible reason why he gets to control the shorter needle (hour hand) on the Infinite Clock.


Together with Minutes, Hours is able to control the flow of time through the Infinite Clock for all worlds. Hours is quite rowdy which contrasts to that of Minutes.




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