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ホッシーワ Hosshīwa
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDark blue
Hair ColorLight Blue (evil)
Sky blue (good)
Home PlacePhantom Empire
First AppearanceHCPC01 (cameo)
HCPC03 (major appearance)
Theme ColorPink
Japanese Voice ActorAkemi Okamura

Hosshiwa (ホッシーワ Hosshīwa?) is one of the generals of the Phantom Empire from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She is the first female general and the second one to attack the Cures. She is part of the Oresky Trio, along with Oresky and Namakelder. In episode 49, she was reborn as a kindergarten teacher.


Invasion Of Earth

A long time ago, Hosshiwa, along with the other generals and Queen Mirage, was sealed inside a box called Axia. The box was in the Blue Sky Kingdom until Hime opened it and released them. Queen Mirage took control over the kingdom and Hosshiwa started to spread sorrow around the world as she demanded.

First Attack

After Namakelder's failure, Mirage sends her to attack the Cures. She summoned a newspaper Saiark to wreck the town. The Cures arrived and noticed Seiji is injured and they transform in front of him. Hosshiwa orders the group of Choiarks to attack them and Lovely easily beats them with anger for hurting Seiji. She taunts Lovely about how petty love is, but Lovely was not buying it, so Princess defended her and allowed her to defeat it with Pinky Love Shoot.

Almost Becoming Good

In episode 29, she and the rest of the trio were ordered to prevent the Shining Make Dresser from being awakened. They confronted the Cures, minus Hime, who was helping perform the ritual, and fought against them. The three of proved too much for the Cures, but when the power of the dresser finally awoken, the Cures' powers increased substantially and they were able to fight off the generals. Hosshiwa and the rest of the trio were almost purified by Cure Fortune's Starlight Ascension but Deep Mirror intervened before they became completely good and they retreated.

Final Chance and Nearly Becoming Good

In episode 40, Mirage was furious at her and the trio. They were given one last chance to defeat the Cures. She and the trio summoned several Saiarks to wreck the city and was easily defeated. She and the trio nearly become good but they managed to withdraw before they were purified.

Battle with Cure Honey and Purification

As the Cures were about to confront Queen Mirage, she, along with Namakelder and Oresky, attacked. While Lovely continued through the Phantom Empire, the other Cures fought them individually. Hosshiwa battled Cure Honey and she overpowered her with her attacks. In the end, she was purified thanks to Honey Temptation and she smiled as she faded away.


In episode 49, it shows that Hosshiwa became a kindergarten teacher named Ms. Hoshi. She is surrounded by children and they give her candies which she accepts and eats. 


She has long light blue hair styled in thick ringlets and purple eyes. She wears a pink dress with some areas lined in black and a hat with a red apple on it. She also wears pink platform shoes, and pink and black-striped tights. She also holds an umbrella.

While on the beach, she wears a pink and red sun hat and a white bikini with pink shoes.

When she was reborn, her hair does not look as curly and is a darker shade of blue. She also wears a light yellow outfit and a light pink apron with a pink bandanna with the apple on it around her head.


She is a very selfish, spoiled and wealthy lady that desires everything. She is also a mistress of disguise, deceiving the Cures and likes to talk down to others she considers pathetic. She does not like Phantom because of him spreading his crystals around the city when she should be spreading her sweets around the world.


Like the other commanders, she can trap people in mirrors and create Saiarks and she also uses the umbrella as a weapon, shooting laser beams with it. She can also disguise herself to fool the Cures, having disguised herself as a damsel in distress in episode 5 and an idol to challenge Cure Honey in episode 10. She can also open the umbrella and use it to make it look like she made herself disappear when teleporting. In episode 42, it is shown that she could throw giant candies and can fire smaller ones from her umbrella.


  • Her name means 'desired' in Japanese.
  • Her voice actress also voices Kiryuu Kaoru and Foop.
  • She is the second female villain who wears a hat, preceded by Marmo.
  • She is the second villain with pink as a theme color, after Falsetto.
  • She is the third villain who used a disguise to deceive the Cures, after Ms. Shitataare and Kawarino.
  • She is based on the motif Marie Antoinette, due to her constant eating of desserts.
  • Her Saiarks create an environment covered in desserts and sweet foods.
  • Her name is similar to Hoshina.
  • She is also the shortest villain, after Shibiretta and Majorina.
  • She and Cure Honey are related to food. (Desserts and rice)
  • She and Oresky are the only generals who almost purified for the third time.
  • Like Sasorina, when she was reborn, she became a teacher at the local kindergarten.


Official Profile


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