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Dan Hojo
北条 団 Hōjō Dan
Kanon p 01
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceKanon Town
RelativesHojo Maria (wife)
Hojo Hibiki (daughter)
First AppearanceSPC03
Japanese Voice ActorDan Tomoyuki

Hojo Dan (北条 団 Hojo Dan?) is Hibiki's father, and the husband of Maria. He takes care of Hibiki while her mother is busy with her music tours. He is also the music teacher of Private Aria Academy, and the consultant of the Orchestra Club. Sometimes during the series, he tends to speak German.


Teaching Music

As he appears in a concert, he is the conductor of the concert. He teached Ouji and other students music.

He taught Hibiki to play piano as a kid but he was never pleased with her until she realized he wanted her to put her heart into it [[SPC03|SPC03]]


  • Dan's hair is very similar to Natsuki Rin, and almost the same hairstyle as Aida Kentaro.
  • Dan's inclination of speaking German might be a reference to famous German/German-speaking musicians, like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Ludwig van Beethoven or Johann Sebastian Bach.
  • Early in the season, he was immune to the Melody of Sorrow. However, near in the end of the season, he was petrified by the Melody of Sorrow.
  • Dan is named after his voice actor with his given name being his voice actor's last name.
  • Dan's VA died on October 10, 2013, at the age of 50, due to relapse of aortic dissection. Hence, the series is dedicated to Tomoyuki Dan, who died in 2013.
    • Dan is the first character to be voiced by a deceased seiyu. Followed by Choppy, whose seiyu Matsuki Miyu died on October 27, 2015.


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