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Hishikawa Ryoko
菱川 亮子 Hishikawa Ryoko
Rikka's mom 2
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlaceOogai Town
RelativesHishikawa Yuuzou (husband),
Hishikawa Rikka (daughter)
First AppearanceDDPC10
Japanese Voice ActorAtsuko Yuya

Hishikawa Ryoko (菱川 亮子 Hishikawa Ryoko?) is Rikka's mother. She is a pediatrician, often working late nights and seldom returns home.


She is kind and sometimes makes fun of Rikka. 


Ryoko wears long blue dress with darker blue sleeves and neckline. She has long, navy blue hair and blue eyes. She wears black glasses and usually a purse.


Dinner with Rikka

Ryoko eats a riceball and tells Rikka how happy she is. Rikka asks what she is happy about, and Ryoko answers that she is just thinking how blessed she is, when she can work hard as a doctor and still come home to eat dinner and listen to her daughter. Then Ryoko asks that what about Rikka, and Rikka answers that nothing, but Ryoko senses that something big has happened. Rikka says that they got a transfer student and she is now staying with Mana. Ryoko says that when Rikka said that nothing has happened she sensed it by her maternal instinct, and smiles to Rikka. DDPC10


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