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ひなた Hinata
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorYellow
Home PlaceGarden of Clouds
First AppearanceFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi
Japanese Voice ActorChijimatsu Sachiko

Hinata (ひなた Hinata?) is the baby phoenix that appears in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi. She is one of the key characters in the movie, wanted for its powers over warmth.


Hinata was dropped by the sage that was carrying her egg and later was found by Kujou Hikari and hatched right after being picked up. Nagisa kept coming up with random names for the bird, but Hikari named her Hinata.

Hikari is Hinata's friend since she likes her but she dislikes Nagisa because she tried to give her weird names, like Pooch, Heater or Blanket. Hinata loves her name since it is named after the sun. She lives in the Garden of Clouds.

She later gets kidnapped by Frozen and Freezen and put in a cage made of ice to prevent her from warming the world. Pretty Cure saves her after defeating them but is then attacked by the evil duo. Hinata uses almost all her strength to help the girls defeat Frozen and Freezen, and appears to have died. Hikari uses the power as the Queen to resurrect Hinata, who becomes a phoenix to warm the Garden of Clouds and the Garden of Rainbows.


  • Hinata shares some similarities with Noise from Suite Pretty Cure♪:
    • Both of them are birds or bird-like creatures.
    • Both were first introduced as chicks and grew up to be giant birds.
    • Both are found by the youngest and last teammate of the respective Cures: Kujou Hikari and Shirabe Ako, respectively. Both of the girls have yellow as their theme or sub color and both are royals.
    • She and Noise can be reborn.


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