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Shiny Luminous and all the Heartiels

Heartiels (ハーチイエル Hāteieru?) are twelve fairy-like creatures representing the will of the Queen in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. The girls must find each one and store it in the Queen Chairect, the heart of the Queen, to make her whole once more. Each represents a virtue and when needed, Seekun will turn a knob to release the one they need.


Image Name Decription


Eternalun Eternalun

Eternalun (Etānarun): Eternal.

His symbol is a pocket watch and he has rabbit ears. Possibly both a reference to the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, who carried a big pocket watch.


Lovelun Lovelun (rabrun)

Lovelun (Raburun): Love.

Her symbol is a ring. Her hair is tied into heart-shaped rings.


Prosen Prosen

Prosen (Purosen): Prosperity.

His symbol is a pear - which may reference to how he looks like a pear.


Pyuan Pyuan

Pyuan: Purity.

Her symbol is a snowflake. She admires Nagisa's pure heart to the extent that it annoys Seekun. She resembles an Angel.


Inteligen Inteligen Intelijen (Intelishien): Intelligence.

The heartiel entrusted with the Book of Wisdom. In episode 22, she helped the Cures find a solution to fight the power of Baldez. At first she didn't like Nagisa but soon she came to like her after seeing how pure of heart she was. Her symbol is a book.


Wishun Wishun

Wishun: Wish.

Her symbol is a mirror. She mostly talks in riddles or rhymes.


Braven Braven

Braven: Bravery.

She is first seen in Episode 31 near the end. Her symbol is a crown.


Harmonin Harmonin

Harmonin (Hāmonin): Harmony.

First appeared in Episode 9. She didn't meet the Cures until an episode later. Mostly seen with a treasure box to match her symbol.


Hapinen Hapinen

Hapinen: Happiness.

His symbol is a bell, and his head has a resemblence to a musical note.


Horpun Horpun

Horpun (Hoopun): positivity.

His symbol is a key.


Pation Pation

Pation: Passion.

Sometimes Pation can be seen flying with a white dove and his symbol is a torch while his hair resembles a flame. Most likely to represent the "Burning Passion". His pigeon always lands on Nagisa's head.


Seekun Seekun

Seekun (Shikun): Seek.

The first of the Heartiels discovered. Seekun represents the Queen's sense of adventure and discovery. She asks many questions and seems naive about how things work. When the girls need help, it is Seekun's job to call on the right one. She is also the last Heartiel to enter the Chairect and her symbol is a telescope. She seems to prefer Nagisa.


  • A lot of the Heartiels seems to interact with Nagisa more then Honoka.
  • Horpun is the only Heartiel who has a unique color that another Heartiel doesn't have some relation to. (For example, three Heartiels have blue for their color. Two have red, pink, green, and purple. But none have orange or yellow, other then Horpun and Seekun.
  • Eternalun shares her voice actress with Kurumi Erika.


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